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July 30, 2012 A.D.

Our Lady's recent message, given July 25, 2012 sparked a few questions of Our Lady's usage of the word 'pride.'

A Dove Landing on the Cross at Marija's Chapel in Medjugorje

A dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit, lands on the cross above Medjugorje visionary Marija's chapel, The Chapel of the Two Hearts, July 29, 2012. It was in this Chapel that Our Lady gave the recent July 25, 2012 message:

“Dear children! Today I call you to the 'good'. Be carriers of peace and goodness in this world. Pray that God may give you the strength so that hope and pride may always reign in your heart and life because you are God's children and carriers of His hope to this world that is without joy in the heart, and is without a future, because it does not have its heart open to God who is your salvation. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Let us pray to the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth to understand Our Lady's words.


A few questions were raised about Our Lady's usage of the word 'pride.'

"Dear Caritas, Thank you for the July 25th message. Please excuse my inquiry In the message, ""Pray that God may give you the strength so that hope and pride may always reign in your heart and life because you are God's children.." the word 'PRIDE" is what it is? We know that there is a healthy pride, like," I am proud to be a Roman Catholic, or I am proud to be an American.." The recent message of Our Lady, " Pride has come to rule." A negative pride, or arrogance .. your humble field angel..."

B.T., Illinois

Also, from Singapore:

"I am greatly confused by the word "Pride" in the message. "Pray that God may give you the strength so that hope and pride may always reign in your heart and life because you are God's children and carriers of His hope to this world that is without joy in the heart,..." How could Our Lady want " reign in our heart and life..? If I understand correctly, that is NOT her hallmark but that of her enemy, satan!"

J.C., Singapore

And another from the US:

"Regarding the July 25th message, specifically: "Pray that God may give the strength so that hope and pride may always reign in your heart and life...". I do not understand why the word "pride" is used. It has been my understanding that pride is against God, and that is why satan had to leave Heaven. Explain, please, why we should pray for the strength to be carriers of peace and goodness in this world so that hope and pride reign in our hearts and lives... Thank you."


At first glance, it can be difficult to understand Our Lady's usage of the world 'pride.' A Friend of Medjugorje, the founder of Caritas, has given his entire life to the messages of Our Lady of Medjugorje. It is every breathing moment of his life to not only understand and live Our Lady's words, but to help others understand them. So strongly was his discernment that this was God's will for him, that he stated almost 27 years ago, that he would die before denying Our Lady's apparitions. His trust in Our Lady, that She will never lead us the wrong way, along with prayer and sacrifice, through God's grace, makes the understanding of Our Lady's words more clear. And so we invite you to listen to A Friend of Medjugorje as he dives deep into this message, on a Radio WAVE broadcast, to bring clarity and insight that you may not see until now. Do not let this month go by without going deep into this July 25, 2012 message of Our Lady. It is so rich in wisdom. Click below to listen to the Radio WAVE show titled, "From in the Dumpster to Our Lady."

From in the Dumpster to Our Lady


Beatrice Tan
Singapore, Singapore
As Catholics, we take pride being God's children, we are part of such divine wonder for without this, we are nothing. Therefore we are humbled in everything we do or say. It is this pride that will carry us through trails and tribulations with humility. It is also this pride that we love to share with others our experiences with God. Thereforento take pride in a positive sense of the feel is not incorrect, it's certainly not evil. We must put our trust and faith in Mary who is send by Jesus. Again, it is pride that we can have trust and faith. Like this : We are proud of our parents that we would like to emulate their lives, tell others about them and love them with all our hearts. Same apply to pride being God's children.
Detroit, Michigan - USA
I found in Paul's letter to the Hebrews an interesting passage that seesm to relate to this message, especially with respect to the use of the word "pride": "Now Moses was faithful in all God's house as a servant, to testify to the things that were to be spoken later, but Christ was faithful over God's house as a son. And we are his house if we hold fast our confidence and pride in our hope." Hebrews 3:5-6 (RSV) I'm no Biblical scholar, but "pride" was clearly used by St. Paul here in a way other than "bad" pride. God bless!
Eucharia Mbonu
Enfield, Middlesex, United Kingdom
What He has hidden from the wise and learned, our lady has revealed to her "mere children" I am proud to be our lady's daughter and do not doubt her messages. My attention was drawn as I went on the Medjugorje website this morning and came across an article dated 30 July 2012 with the words "please excuse my enquiry --- Pride". and a few questions sparked as a result. Pride in a negative way is abhorred by God and the holy people of God. But "pride" in what you beleive in and used to glorify the Lord cannot be a bad thing. Like, I am proud to be God and Mary's child. I am prod to profess my Catholic faith wherever I go, I am proud and priviledged to be chosen as an instrument in God's hand for his glory. I am proud to be in receipt of this message and able to understand the message contained there in.. "Pray that God may give me the strength so that hope and pride may always reign in my heart and life because I am God's child.." pride in a healthy way . Mrs E Mbonu; England
Amor Tenerowicz
South San Francisco, USA
REJOICE!!! What an honor(we should take pride of that honor) that we are the children of God. Our Lady reminds us of our dignity, given by God. Lift up ourselves from any negative perception of ourselves becasue we are precious in the eyes of God, we are His children(the apple of His eye) He has carved us in the palms of His hands. REJOICE!!!! GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD(US) THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON(ON THE CROSS) Feel proud.
Stella Pavicevac
Bayside, N.y., USA
I think we all had to reflect on that message, and then realize that it meant: " We are proud to be believers in God and not be shy to say so to the world! we are proud to be Roman Catholics, Christians or whatever faith we profess in God! and we are proud to spread the messages that Our Lady gives us and privileged to have received them!"
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
When I first read it, I was also shocked. I recently became interested in Medjugorje, and my 1st trip is in 21st August God Wills it. It is very good to understand the meaning behind the message since nowadays many Christians are a bit ashamed of even making the cross sign in public.
Seattle, Washington - USA
....that God will gives us strength so that Hope and Pride may reign in our hearts....I am in love with Jesus.....and I am proud to be a Catholic, a Christian and a child of I struggle in my daily life to simply do his will.....always and forever....why complicate it and over think in Our Lady's words....keep it simple......L
Lockport, USA
I am proud to be a child of God, and have hope because of this. I guess the wording of the message is a little difficult, in a way, but if you really read it, this is clearly what Our Lady meant.
Chennai, India
Yes, this is the time for us to be proud to be the children of The Almighty God and ofcourse of Our Blessed Mother. We are proud indeed! Thank You Mother Mary for the beautiful Message!
Claude Morin
Berry Mills, Canada
Yes... Ambiguity... Maybe it's a language thing and I read it different as in french we often use the positive side of proud as in opposite of shame. For instance, I often pray when I go on my daily walks, and when there are many people around, I feel embarrassed to do the sign of the cross, worried that people will see me as a fanatic or something... I believe what Mary is saying is that I should proudly show my belief in God. By proudly (but humbly) doing my sign of the cross, I become an example that this is ok, normal, good...
Zagreb, Croatia
It makes me smile when I read that this can be confusing for us .. there is nothing more beautiful than to be Gods royalty .. it is like when we pray for sacred poverness; that is true richness ... of love, faith, peace .. that is His presence .. doesn't Our Lady call herself a Queen of Peace - QUEEN ... arn't we praying for Kingdom of Heaven .. so the message says ..." and pride ... because you are God's children ..." so we have to be children .. that is Her message at least how I see it and have felt it .. In Jesus and Mary
Ancaster, Canada
I too stopped at the word pride upon the first reading of our Lady's message for the world July 25th, 2012. As I read on however I understood that we are to be proud of being God's children. I listened to Radio Wave to hear what A Friend of Medjugorie was going to say and he confirmed my thoughts. Humbly proud and proudly it!
Austin, USA
This message is so deep. When I first read it I immediately stopped when I read the word pride a bit confused but kept reading. Later I couldn't wait for Radio Wave to come on to see if our Friend of Medjugorie and I were going to see the same thing or have a question about the word pride. I listened to Radio Wave but is there any way for the explanation to be written. It just seems we really have to ponder on the message and the explanation in writing. Thank you and God Bless
Marc Antone
Moodus , Ct, USA
i was definitely taken back when i first sat down to read this message as my eyes fell on the word "pride" i was stunned for a moment and didn't want to continue at first, but reading on i had to see how this message would go. i was amazed to ponder how we need to look at this message and see: Our Lady says -"because you are God's children and carriers of His hope" WOW, i am surrounded by so many with out this and so many who do not want to hear or even begin to believe in God at this moment and yet they are going through struggles of cancer, heart attacks, divorce and on and on. what hope do they have by not opening their heart to God. what we are carriers of today is so precious and yet not recognized by so many, i do feel proud of this to be humble, open and accepting of what God is granting us through Our Lady. it is an amazing grace. God bless you all, Praise be Jesus and Mary!!
Reatha Williams
Pownal, USA
She asks us to have pride and hope reign in our hearts BECAUSE we are God's children . Simply be proud and hopeful in the facts and total acceptance of being HIS children. What an honor to be chosen . I was concerned too but as I read and reread it came to me that we must show our joy and hope and "pride" of being His chosen ones . The world is starving for love and we are fed by HIS GREAT LOVE and therefore our love obligation is to be radiant in that love and profess it to this hurting world . Only in accepting His Love can we truly find deep lasting happiness . Respectfully submitted +Ree