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Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje asks us to renew prayer before the Crucifix and says to take the graces coming from the Crucifix and to reflect on Jesus’ passion so that our lives will be in balance with Jesus.

February 20, 1986

“…renew prayer before the Crucifix. I am giving you special graces and Jesus is giving you special gifts from the Crucifix. Take them and live! Reflect on Jesus’ passion and in your life be united with Jesus.”

Some might think, “The passion is sad. I want joy. I can be enthusiastic about the resurrection and God will fill me with graces now.” Our Lady indicates that while enthusiasm is good, resurrection is for us later. Our Lady is saying that for this moment (this life), She wants us to be happy and to have joy, but for this to be a reality, we have to learn to carry our crosses and accept our trials. Our Lady of Medjugorje said on April 21, 1984:

“…yearn of Jesus because in His Resurrection, He wants to fill you with graces. Be enthusiastic about the Resurrection. All of us in Heaven are happy but we seek the joy of your hearts. My Son’s gift and mine, at this moment is this: you will be comforted in your trials, they will be easier for you because we will be close to you…”

This moment is our life here on earth, and even in the midst of the most extreme crosses, there can be joy.


In the Love of Our Lady,

Friend of Medjugojre



Apparition Mountain – pilgrims praying before the Crucifix on top of Apparition Mountain, seeking special graces and gifts to deal with their daily trials and sufferings.

Naperville, Illinois - USA
To pray in front of the cross not only puts your mind with the Lord but helps you understand and feel what he has done for us and never to forget this. Jesus is waiting for us to come and pray, to look, and to feel, his very presence. The Lord hears you because your very eyes on the cross!
Winona, Minnesota - USA
Seeing the picture of that crucifix takes me back to my experiences in Medjugorje. I remember kneeling before that crucifix in the dead of night with the moon shining bright, and the entire mountain was deserted. It was like walking alone with Jesus and Mary on Apparition Hill.
Okemos, Michigan - USA
Thank you for this reminder. Knowing that many gifts and graces come from prayer before the Crucifix draws me to it. What JOY to be united with Jesus in this way - especially in this Season. Amen. Love & Prayers Linda
Rochester, Minnesota, USA
Thank you for your positive emails and God Bless you. Thank you for giving me something to think on today. Prayerfully, Tom
Aurora, Illinois - USA
I found a beautiful prayer to the Crucified Jesus, from St. Bridget's revelation. " I adore you O Holy Cross, adorned by the most sacred body of my Lord, covered and stained by his Most Precious Blood.I adore you,O my God, put on the cross for me. I adore you O Holy Cross, for the love of He who is my Lord." Recited 33x on Good Friday will free 33 souls, recited 50x every Friday it will free 5. Thank you very much for your love and prayers. Cross, accepted and shared, is not so heavy to carry.