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We talk about that all the time. This is the center of Our Lady’s plan: Prayer! Again, this is the most frequent message in Medjugorje. Let us quote just a few more simple messages about prayer:

April 25, 1987

“…today also I am calling you to prayer. You know, dear children, that God grants special graces in prayer…I call you, dear children, to prayer with the heart…”


To pray with the heart is to pray with abandonment, love, and trust and with concentration also. Prayer heals. Prayer heals human souls. Prayer heals history [history of sin]. Without prayer, we cannot have an experience of God:


February 25, 1989

“…without unceasing prayer, you cannot experience the beauty and greatness of the grace which God is offering you…”


What are the prayers Our Lady recommends? The four mysteries of the Rosary everyday, the Adoration of the Holy Sacrament, prayers to the Holy Spirit (especially before Mass), prayers in front of the Crucifix, prayers of consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Everybody should pray. Our Lady says:


August 25, 1989

“…Let prayer begin to rule in the whole world…”


In this way, through prayer, we will defeat satan’s power, obtain peace and salvation for our souls:


February 25, 1988

“…You know that I love you and am coming here out of love, so I could show you the path of peace and salvation for your souls. I want you to obey me and not permit satan to seduce you. Dear children, satan is very strong and, therefore, I ask you to dedicate your prayers to me so that those who are under his influence may be saved. Give witness by your life, sacrifice your lives for the salvation of the world…Therefore, little children, do not be afraid. If you pray, satan cannot injure you even a little, because you are God’s children and He is watching over you. Pray, and let the Rosary always be in your hands as a sign to satan that you belong to me…”


The power of satan is destroyed by prayer and he cannot harm us if we pray. That is why no Christian should be afraid of the future, unless he does not pray. And if he does not pray, is he a Christian? If we do not pray, we are naturally blind to many things; we cannot tell right from wrong. We lose our center; we lose our balance.

In the Love of Our Lady,
A Friend of Medjugorje


A woman quietly kneeling below the Cross on Cross Mountain. Praying on top of Cross Mountain is always a moving experience for all those who open their hearts to the graces of forgiveness, surrender, and openness to seeking God’s will in their lives.


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