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October 30, 2018 A.D.

“…It’s not a time to relax. It’s a time to rely more on God. A time to become more holy. A time to sanctify. A time to bring peace into our family. If there is no prayer in the family, there is no peace…”

- Friend of Medjugorje
Be Strong, Do Not Relax

Our Lady of Medjugorje said on June 22, 2012:

“…I call you anew: decide for Jesus. Decide and set out together with Him into the future…”

The future is decided by the decisions we make today.

A Family praying on Apparition Mountain in Medjugorje, July 2018

A man and his wife pray before Our Lady on Apparition Mountain in Medjugorje. This couple brought their family on a BVM Caritas Pilgrimage in July 2018, wanting their young children to experience Medjugorje. Families that experience prayer together can weather many storms of life. This is becoming more important as we head into an unknown future.

The decisions made today, determine the future of tomorrow. Our Lady continues in Her June 22, 2012, message from above:

“…Dear children, this world in which you live, is passing. Therefore decide, decide for peace. Live peace. Decide for prayer. Pray, dear children, pray, pray…”

A Friend of Medjugorje said in a Radio WAVE broadcast a few years ago, that Our Lady speaks to us, from the perspective of One who knows the future. Our Lady cannot tell us everything because we would not understand Her, or perhaps not acccept what She is trying to warn us about. But, She knows, and one must read Her words, with the knowledge that Our Lady knows what we do not.

Therefore, as we head into an unknown future, decide for prayer and a new way of life in your family. This time of the year, when families come closer together, is not a time to relax spiritually, but is a time to grow spiritually together, setting out into the future.
Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas

Many have asked us to feature again the special writing about how the Community of Caritas celebrates Halloween. This is a good time to start, in a small way, something concrete for your future. This writing here, about the Feast of Morta, details how a Friend of Medjugorje was inspired to celebrate Halloween in a different way from the world, and provides a blueprint on what anyone can do in their own family.

Crissy Corpus
Clovis, California - USA

Thank you for emphasizing prayer in the family! It is a struggle right now for me. Chaos comes almost everytime with my children and my husband, when he is here, usually, has no interest at all. I have been thinking a lot lately, how you spoke of your belief that there would be many miracles later, as a result of Our Lady's coming, (and maybe our prayers). And Our Lady keeps telling us, "If you knew the graces you receive, you would not stop praying!" So many times I feel like giving up. Yet, She says, "Offer even the littlest pain!" So I keep going, always feeling like I'm not giving enough, but God willing, I will still keep heading towards Her, our Guiding Star! What I am feeling in prayer is this, we all have so many petitions that we may not see being fulfilled at this moment. But, maybe Our Lady has a BIG bucket that She is filling with all the graces we have been begging for! And, maybe they will all be answered in an extraordinary way! In Her time! In the Father's Will!