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St. Joseph and Our Lord


He looked down at his hands, rough, calloused…and empty. How could he tell Her that he could find no place for Her. What kind of provider was he? He should have foreseen this dilemma. He should have known Bethlehem would be overcrowded with no rooms to spare. With anguished eyes toward Heaven, he lamented, “You know God, that I am only a simple carpenter. I am good for little else.”

According to the ways of the world and of business, he was a fool. Though no one could complain of his skill or his hard work…he often wasted it upon those who were undeserving or who had little means to pay him. He was quiet, of a humble demeanor and so was often a target for the arrogant and boastful. His had been a misunderstood and lonely life of waiting…until She came into it.

Joseph wasn’t thinking of “the Glory” for him. He was worried and preoccupied about providing shelter, warmth, and food. It was too much for him to contemplate the event that was about to happen and so he could not even think about if “the Glory” was coming for him. He busied himself with hundreds of details that tired both his body and his mind. So, when “the Glory” came, he was completely unprepared; unprepared for the small, trusting eyes that met and smiled into his; unprepared for the tiny hands that reached up to be clasped by his own; unprepared for the small weight of warmth that filled his arms as he sheltered it from the cold wind with his own body. Yes, he was unprepared, because he didn’t know, didn’t even suspect, that God would give him this enraptured joy. You see, in Joseph’s mind, it was enough to be the servant. He didn’t know that God intended him to be a daddy. And so, a lifetime of waiting, of hoping, of longing…turned into a joy beyond measure, when “the Glory” came.


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