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It is a time for love, Motherhood, and all that is encompassed by it. Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje so strongly wants this, knowing it is the path to remedy the family, and She stated in one of Her messages that She gives mothers Her Motherly Blessing and Jesus will bless the rest. This is unprecedented in that Our Lady of Medjugorje has never singled out a group, separating it from others in this way. On December 19, 1985, She said:


“...I wish in a special way on Christmas Day to give mothers my own Special Motherly Blessing and Jesus will bless the rest with His own blessing...”

Little boys, little girls, teenage boys, teenage girls, and all men were not given this blessing. While they were not left out because they were given Christ’s blessing, something profound took place. A profound statement was made, as well as a profound blessing of Motherhood was given to mothers and mothers alone. Why? The world is very off course. Only good mothers will bring it back with the direction of good fathers who listen to God the Father on how to direct their families.

A Japanese exchange student headed to America and was beside herself with excitement. She was going to stay with an American family. She had seen old magazines from the 50’s showing children coming home from school to mothers, with apron on, in the kitchen pulling fresh-baked cookies out of the oven. She could hardly wait to be in this family structure of love which was so appealing to her. Her ideas about American life were views of a few decades back, and She expected to find them in the 80’s. She was deeply disappointed in the reality of seeing the American mom working, or on the road, or so tied up in social engagements that the family life she thought she would be exposed to no longer existed. The changes, of not only the father being the provider, but also the mother, has brought with it a heavy price.

The excuse, needing to work because we need the money, has no strength because in a time when households were not so affluent and really were in need of money, mothers did not work outside the home. They were homemakers. Now, today, when there is more affluence and the reality that mothers do not have to work, mothers are working to have more; and if not working, then they are following outside interests, family no longer being their sole interest. Yes, some mothers have to work, but this is because we, as a society, did not follow God’s precepts, and divorces, abuses, etc. have resulted in situations where mothers are where they should never be. The past cannot be changed, but from “today,” now, a new attitude must prevail so that in the future, from this moment forward, at all cost, mothers are to be at home with their children.

All of the above and the desires of Our Lady of Medjugorje can be proven in the following profound way. Our Lady’s apparitions receive complaints of doubts from priests, theologians, and others. They say that they cannot be authentic because they are everyday. Others have said the messages are nothing, repetitive, too simple to be of real value, or ask how they are expected to believe that everyday Our Lady is going to appear at a certain time - it is too much!

A Protestant psychotherapist who became a Catholic through the Eucharist, after going to Medjugorje, told the late Fr. Slavko a profound statement, full of wisdom. Once you read what follows, it is hard not to see the truth of family and Our Lady’s call for the return of Motherhood and Wifehood.

Psychotherapist: “I am now convinced that it is truly the Holy Virgin who appears in Medjugorje.”
Fr. Slavko: “For what reasons?”
Psychotherapist: “For three reasons: the first, because She appears in a very punctual way. The second, because She says simple things, and the third, because She appears every day.”
Fr. Slavko: “But it is just these three things which present difficulties to the theologians! Why did these points convince you?”
Psychotherapist: “Because as a psychotherapist I regularly see in people the anguish and profound problems that today are due to the absence of the mother in the families. Society itself is ill because of this absence. There are divorces. And the mothers prefer to go out to work, they have areas of interest other than their children. Now it is precisely these three points ‘punctuality, simple language, and the daily presence of the mother’ which are the most necessary for the proper development and for the balance of the child. In Medjugorje, it is truly the Mother who comes, because She remains with us. She gives us precisely these three things which we are lacking. It is the way in which She appears that touches me: She heals us from any of the ill effects of absence.”

Most of this writing is encompassed in the above paragraph. There is nothing we can add, so we close with a letter from a mother who has discovered the truths above.

“Recently, I was inspired to sew a dress for each of my three small daughters - something I had never attempted before as I never seem to have the time to devote to such a task. While sewing, I consecrated each stitch to Our Lady and prayed She would inspire in me Her thoughts. I began to think of what tremendous love Our Lady must have put into Jesus’ clothes, knowing Who He was, making them perfectly, never cutting corners, always diligent, wondering of the places He would be when He would wear them. How did Jesus feel wearing them? Maria Valtorta, in her accounting of the life of Christ in Poem of the Man-God, wrote that women came to Our Lady for advice and help in dying their material, as She was so good at this. It also brought to mind that in this day and age of technology, and everything “fast, convenient and easy” - nobody sews anymore. Indeed, it is less expensive to go out and buy a dress already made. Love, even in this small aspect, has been removed from mothers. Peace is removed as she shops in department stores, children in tow, trying to stay on top of everything. I think that sewing clothing for our children is such a boost to motherhood. While making these dresses, my husband had taken a couple of occasions to be with the children so I could have some quiet time for sewing. It was special time for them. It was meditative, yet productive time for me. During busier times of sewing, the girls gathered around the sewing machine, just watching and asking questions on occasion. It was a witness for them of a mother’s love for them, and what joy they felt, getting measured, and anticipating the finished dresses.

“This was a very real reinforcement of love between mother and child: mother, putting love into the garment, caring for the child, and the child, who develops a higher respect, being recipient of this personal attention from mom. My daughter really felt like this was the prettiest dress in the world - better than anyone could ever buy - which raises her views and respect of her mother.

“Overall, I believe mothers of today have been robbed of so many sources that help lift our vocation, all in the name of ‘liberation.’ ‘Women’s liberation’ has done more damage and destruction than we can ever know, to womanhood, to motherhood. The only way to ever regain or capture the true gift and spirit of this holy and chosen vocation is to keep our eyes, our hearts, our hands, on, close to, and in Our Most Holy Mother, the pure, Blessed Virgin Mary, model of perfect motherhood.”

Wives and moms make a decision for a change in life. Give up a job, down-size, to be home with your children and husband. Better to live in a small house, even a manufactured home, in a rural area than a bigger house in a subdivision that keeps life broken in regards to family life, doing what everybody else is doing. Our Lady of Medjugorje said in 1984:

“If you want to be very happy, live a simple, humble life, pray a great deal, do not delve into your problems, but let yourselves be guided by God.”

If you have the book How To Change Your Husband, reread it. If not, order it immediately and also order one for a friend you know who is in need.

In the Love of Our Lady,

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