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March 23, 2020 A.D.

Our Lady of Medjugorje said through Mirjana on March 18, 2020:

“…my Son, as God, always looked above time. I, as His mother, through Him, see in time…”

Our Lady’s words give a focus to time. Yet, there are so many conflicting and confusing things happening in our world. What then, is the meaning of this time?

An old tractor in Medjugorje

(Medjugorje photo taken September 25, 2006, 8:28 AM) - Everything about Medjugorje has been a struggle. An old tractor in Medjugorje gives evidence of the old life, a hard life of living off the land, relying on God to bring the rain when needed, and dry weather when needed. Even the registration plate on this tractor reads, Čitluk, the local municipality that includes the village of Medjugorje. It was the police station in Čitluk where the visionaries were taken to be questioned by the communist police, shortly after the apparitions began in 1981.

Our Lady has, many times in Her messages put our attention on time. There are those confused right now, while others, who see everything in a very shallow way. What is the meaning of this time? A Friend of Medjugorje tells us:

With each new day, Our Lady’s visit through Her Medjugorje apparitions, gives to the earth one more blessing over the entire world. In countering and, therefore, creating the great struggle, satan adds one more day of growing his decadence over the world. Up until recently, this struggle was within one’s own soul and personal trials. Now, however, the struggle is beginning to manifest physically in the culture. We begin to realize the magnitude of this great struggle, as the grace from Our Lady’s visits grows along side the darkness of satan who was unbound, as Our Lady announced through Marija on January 1, 2001, and let loose in the world. Though it be individually and personally “your great struggle,” everyone being included in it comprises the whole world. It is now a “particular time” in history in which these two powers contend for each individual in the hope to win over the whole world. As two generals who are building and forming an army, the amount of grace and of darkness are at the point of a catastrophic confrontation that will change life as we know it, sending the world into a proxy hell on earth, a Babylon…or a proxy Heaven on earth, an Oasis where angels will freely descend upon the land, villages, and families.

- a Friend of Medjugorje
The World is in its Death Throes, January 2009

What we learn is that we are at a point of time when the scale is being tipped one way or another, a turning point of history in which the world will change, never to be the same. There is yet still, more struggles to take place, and it is important that we align ourselves with Our Lady’s blessing, putting even more emphasis on Her apparitions, and staying close to Her words, to Her heart.
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