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Special Statement
April 18, 2019 A.D.

Today the much-anticipated Mueller Report was made public. People have asked that we make a statement regarding this, since we have been so outspoken about President Trump, and the plans of Our Lady. The Mueller Report is the talk of the nation and world right now. Why should this matter? Because Our Lady has already given us the Medjugorje Report:

February 2, 2018

“…My children, do not believe lying voices…”

Our Lady was giving indication that “voices” would be lying to us. Christians should let events speak for themselves. The voices lie, the events tell the truth.

In the Garden of Eden it was God said, satan said, God said, satan said. satan twisted everything that God said. he twisted God’s words to deceive, a lie against the facts of the events themselves. Adam and Eve only needed to look around at the garden to read the signs and know the truth. This is what we have to say about the Mueller Report. Those of you who have read Big Q, Little Q, you understand that the event has spoken for itself. Lying voices are surrounding this report as they have since day one. The media, the fake news lying voices, as you have read in Big Q, Little Q, are the voice of satan today. You have been enlightened to this through Our Lady’s messages as we have shown you, and what you are feeling in your prayer, but maybe you did not have the words to explain it.

Letting Truth Speak for Itself,
A Friend of Medjugorje


It is important to get a copy of the book Big Q, Little Q into everyone’s hands. Everyone you know. It is the way to navigate through the events of today. Order online here, or contact Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000. After hours dial to extension 315.

Harvinne Higginson
Margate, Australia
Thank you Friend of Medjugorge for enlightening us and helping us understand the words of Our Lady.I myself if I didn't listen attentively to your broadcast I would have believed the lying voices.Like Our Lady said in one of her messages,light and darkness has mixed together,everything has become so complicated,that we need guidance from Heaven.Thank you again for your obedience,dedication and love.May God in Jesus Mighty name blesses you with His insight,knowledge,wisdom,and your future projects be guided by His Holy Spirit.Thank you Mama Mary,May Jesus rules in our souls.The wind of change is coming,we need more than ever to stay vigilant and focus on our Jesus.
David Ashton
Gillieston Heights, Australia

A Friend of Medjugorje is spot on here. Everyday I seem to understand more and more as I start to memorise the messages. I have been following a Friend of Medjugorje/ Caritas of Birmingham ever since I stumbled upon them a few years ago. I am amazed of how much wisdom he has and I understand this is because he has been fully into the messages for 30+ years and prays a lot more than we all do. I'd suggest more than a lot of Shepherds. I can see why Our Lady was very very happy when she visited there (very very listed twice deliberately as Our Lady said it so). Thank you God for your wisdom. If you are not digesting all the Radio Show/Mejanomic shows to download the wisdom into your own beliefs, then I pray that you do so from now on. I am saddened to hear that many are listening to lying voices sending in ridiculous complaints/feedback so I recommend you turn off the TV/Radio/all news for 2 months to wein yourself off the lying voices. God bless you all.

Carlene ochoa
Coeurdalene, Idaho - USA

This writing is so true. When are the 10 secrets coming?

Northern Apostle
Yellowknife, Nothwest Territories - Canada
Amen. My heart, like many others, is screaming for truth. The Queen of Peace, whom guides us to the King of Peace, is where I now find my truth. Thank you God for blessing us with your revelations. Praised be Jesus and Mary. Thank you, Community of Caritas, for your witness. God bless you, God bless your families, God bless America, all those whom help you and even those who persecute you. I love you all. From the True North Strong (Weak) and Free (Shackled). Free us from Lying Voices oh Lord! May God, Family and Country be our focus worldwide! May Scripture and Our Lady's Messages be engraved in our hearts and may our souls radiate Christ!