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Daily we are confronted with many situations where we must ask ourselves, “Am I deciding in this situation for God or for satan?” All our actions contain acts of charity, love, unselfishness or the opposite. When we find our action was not charitable, was without love, or was selfish, then we have chosen to step towards satan. This may not necessarily be sin, but if not corrected will lead us eventually into sin. It is an act of love, charity, and unselfishness to suddenly remember, once you are tired and already settled in bed, that you forgot to bless your children and then get up and do so. You become stronger in God. Not to do so once you have remembered this is to become weaker in God. Both are a direction and a decision and will lead you step by step to holiness or darkness. Heading towards any journey always begins with one small step. To go back and forth, you go nowhere and eventually you will tire and decide for a direction to go. It is vital that you be headed in the right direction – Our Lady’s direction. She keeps “calling” for us to find the way.


Pilgrim in Medjugorje

A young father carrying his little boy up Cross Mountain.

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