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Apparition Hill with rainbow

May 8, 1986

“Dear children, you are the ones responsible for the messages. The source of grace is here, but you, dear children, are the vessels which transports the gifts…”

Marija said, at first, she thought the messages were for the visionaries, then she thought they were for the parish, and then she realized they were for the whole world. Nations of people are to come and be the carriers which transport the gifts of grace from Medjugorje to the world. You are called, invited by Our Lady, for an awesome task – to a place of great significance for all the earth. How special is this village? Marija, when asked why did Our Lady choose to come to Medjugorje, stated:

“The Blessed Mother told me the Eternal Father permitted the Blessed Mother to choose any place on earth to bring these messages to the world. She chose Medjugorje because the faith is so strong here.”

It is important to understand Medjugorje is the “center,” the central point upon the earth for the spiritual renewal of the whole world. You do not want to miss the following link on It is a heart stopper! Visit Here: Medjugorje, The Land Where Dreams Come True.

In the Love of Our Lady,
A Friend of Medjugorje


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