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July 9, 2019 A.D.

In Our Lady’s message, which She gave through Ivan on Friday July 5, 2019, Our Lady said:

“Put God in your lives and in your families in the first place. Leave the passing things of this world of materialism — all that distances you from my Son…”

What is, “all that distances you”?

A family harvests potatoes in Medjugorje July 4, 2019

A family in Medjugorje harvests potatoes in their field, the morning of July 4, 2019. Our Lady said through Ivan on Friday, July 5, 2019, to put God in the first place in the family, and to leave the things of this world of materialism. Here, this family, working together as a family draws closer to God through a life closer to the soil.

What is, “all that distances you” from God? Our Lady’s words are very clear that the world of materialism, where God is not at the center of the family, is what distances one from God. Though a Friend of Medjugorje just wrote these words a few days ago, it is very important to re-iterate this very important truth:

We are entering into a new time where materialism will pass away. How? Masses of people, by rejecting the spirit of materialism, will cause it to fall when the masses place God first in their lives. A great moment of conversion is coming. People will value what are true values. A world, who finds Our Lady’s Son, who in Him—you “…may find peace and love…” Her Son made things as a carpenter. Jesus fashioned out material things out of wood. He, with his family, lived close to the soil, an agrarian life, providing their own food and meeting their own needs, not by a system as we have now, but by the labor of His hands.

- A Friend of Medjugorje
from Make a List

We are continuing to re-state these important truths from a Friend of Medjugorje, because the time draws near for their fulfillment. He continues to show that every moment, every second spent in materialsim, where one’s family is not moving closer to the soil, or the life connected to the soil, is one moment, one second wasted, that will result in deep regret. These things are not stated to scare you, but to awaken you that the time draws near. No one is exempt from what is coming. Do not think that someone else will save you. Our future world will be a life where one’s merits will earn their livelihood, by the sweat of their brow.
Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas

Jeala, Sri Lanka

Actually mother knows the best for her children. She knows what's up for us. Aoon the warning will come and thereafter the whole world which once embraced all ungodly things will vanish and man will once again start to live as primitive years. People who are not ready will not make it. They will be utterly sad that they did not listed to God speaking through Mother Mary.

Solon, Select State - USA
Materialism-the mark of the beast. The Cross-the mark of the Christian.
Northern Apostle
Yellowknife, Nothwest Territories - Canada
Amen. I love the fact that our Lord is gracing us with this time of conversion. It is still!! not too late!! I live in a large town that has vast amounts of land and bodies of water around it. I finally built a greenhouse this spring and am waiting for my first sweetie tomatoes. I am debt free and looking forward to spending my future income into tools and equipment to be able to hunt, fish and cultivate a land that does not have much soil to begin with. There are many interesting challenges ahead. Like how am I, who with, where will I and many more. Our Loving Lady is the best, she never withdraws her motherly guiding hand! Praise God for Medjugorje, Praise God for Caritas of Birmingham!
Harwood , Texas - USA
Thank you for helping us comprehend the Messages! Thank you for helping us to see and have Hope! We pray for those who cannot see and and who fail to live the messages given by Our Lady in this time of Grace! Many are caught up in the ways of this World and are Not able to see the Truth! Many fail to put God first! Great Lamentations, indeed, for those who will miss this time of Grace! Let us all Pray & Fast with the Heart! We must proclaim Our Ladys Messages to everyone we meet, and if necessary use words! Our daily actions will speak louder than words! My Heart yearns for our Ladys Daily Apparitions and the Grace to go to Medjugorje with my Family! Thank you, A Friend of Medjugorje for guiding us through these times with Our Lady! I look forward to hearing your Radio Wave Broadcasts and reading all your books, many times over! My prayers are always with you & the Community! Thank you for all the sacrifices you & the Community have made to Save Souls! Blessings!!