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February 14, 2020 A.D.

The Bedroom of Apparitions

A heart of roses, in the Bedroom of Apparitions, July 6, 2009. There have been five marriage proposals from the Community in the Bedroom, and one apparition to Marija on St. Valentine’s Day, 2009, in which Our Lady smiled and gave three blessings.

by a Friend of Medjugorje

Today is not Valentine’s Day. Why do we follow the crowd? Why do we celebrate today as they? Why do we let the culture dominate us? No, it is not Valentine’s Day today. IT is “Saint” Valentine’s Day. The devil came, without force, only using words to Eve. No weapons, no attack, holding her arm behind her back. No, it was just words. Words are powerful. Eve accepted the serpent’s words, which changed the world and all future time until time ends. We submit to verbicide*. We let the beast today, who was in the Garden, secularize our culture, without challenge.

Our unholy day, Valentine’s (secularized) vs. St. Valentine’s (Holy Day) has changed just by dropping the word Saint/St. What’s the big deal, many may say. That is the point. Why do the secularists, with a radical agenda, put such efforts to change words, drop words, and redefine words? Who is behind the agenda? M.L.A. Modern Language Association and it is a big deal for them, in order to change man’s direction. They have infiltrated all the colleges, have changed the way you write letters, verbiage as well, to restructure the world. Evil, like in the Garden of Eden, changes a nation by ‘ex’changing a word to another word. Have you noticed the agenda in the news in the last 24 months? Great efforts for a profound change and you give no objection; you don’t pay any attention to what is happening in front of you, because it is not a big deal. Really? Yet the enemy is making a big deal out of it. So what has happened in the last 24 months? Virtually every newscaster, politicians, professors, talk radio on the left “never” refer to the U.S. for what it is. What it is, is a Republic. Everywhere people have propagandized that the U.S. is a democracy. So much, so many are referring to the United States as a Democracy. Democracy, our Democracy, the U.S. Democracy, etc. Fox News, supposedly conservative, theme for the whole Presidential Election this year is “DEMOCRACY 2020,” speaking of the U.S. The mantra is repeated over and over. Why the mantra constantly? Because if society believes the U.S. is a Democracy, America could be destroyed. How? Why? Our Founders hated a Democracy. They said it was among the worst forms of government. They said it always ended up in bloody revolutions. This campaign of Democracy 2020’s purpose is to make the United States an erupting volcano, a term our Founder described a Democracy. For these reasons and many more, our Founding Fathers established a Republic. Why? Because a Republic rules by law. A Democracy is ruled by mob rule and eventually implodes. The devil has a plan to destroy the world by destroying the United States of America. With bombs? Ammunition? Troops? No! Only with words. That is why Our Lady says:

February 2, 2012

“…listen to me while I am speaking to you…”

What is Our Lady giving us to change the world? Messages! Messages made up of WORDS.

Fight back with the words, Happy Saint Valentine’s Day,
A Friend of Medjugorje

* Verbicide means a deliberate distortion of the sense of a word or one who distorts the sense of a word and is a word a Friend of Medjugorje has used and popularized in many of his writings, such as his book, They Fired the First Shot 2012.

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