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September 26, 2009 A.D.

The following is the Vol. 169, October 2009 Words of the Harvesters newsletter to our Field Angels. We do not normally publish the Words of the Harvesters on the site, but felt that this was important enough to pass on to you. Please read the following through much prayer.



by A Friend of Medjugorje

To qualify the following writing: This is not a political writing or about endorsing someone or some political party. Both political parties are corrupt. The system of election has become the same. The following is not about who did what in the past. Its purpose is not to incite hatred, rather for us to be educated to what surrounds us. The following is where we are now. It is an impulse, a very strong impulse, that must be incited in our hearts now to pray, fast, and let God act. And then we act, in collaboration with what He gives us to change, in regard to our dark situation.

Presently, the most murderous hands of innocent blood in U.S. history holds power throughout the present administration. There is not one single high official who is pro-life in the present administration. Unbelievable radical procedures for the destruction of innocent blood will find no conscience in this administration to denounce such an evil, but rather an aggressive ‘right’ to do so.

On another note of anti-life: this president went so far as to give reference in his inaugural speech to abominable lifestyles and its wickedness, as if it were normal behavior, and people who opposed it were wrong and uncompassionate.

On June 28, 2009, in the East Room of the White House, the president gave great honor to a group of very perverse people who live abominable lifestyles by hosting a reception for them. His actions are unparalleled to any previous administration in redefining the oldest institution of the world, marriage, and in the support he gives to the most disgusting rearrangements of abominable living that comes to us right out of a scene in a day of the life of Sodom and Gomorrah. Obama’s own words to this degradation and woeful violation of our culture and the family were spoken when he entertained this group in the White House:

“It is great to see everybody here today and they’re just—I’ve got a lot of friends in the room…It’s good to see so many friends and familiar faces and I deeply appreciate the support I’ve received from so many of you. Michele appreciates it and I want you to know that you have our support as well…and I’m glad that so many (abominable) families could join us today…We have made progress and we will make more….We’ve been in office six months now. I suspect that by the time this administration is over, I think you guys will have pretty good feelings about the Obama administration (applause)…”1

The sacredness of marriage presently is being placed on the guillotine to have “its head chopped off” by the present president and his administration through the repeal of federal protection of marriage as a sacred institution. Obama told this same group in the East Room:

“…I’ve called on Congress to repeal the so-called Defense of Marriage Act to help end discrimination (against abomination) (applause)…”2

This aggressive action to repeal the “Defense Of Marriage Act,” known as ‘D’‘O’‘M’‘A,’ opens the door to an ‘offensive’ action against the institution of marriage as God Himself designed it. The ‘ Defense’ of Marriage Act was signed into federal law by President Clinton because of the offensive actions to destroy the sacred institution. Now Obama says the act is discriminating against people who choose to live openly in a depraved, grave, sinful state. In a released proclamation, declared for the whole month of June, for praising abominable lifestyles, Obama states without embarrassment:

“I am proud to be the first President to support openly (abominable) candidates to Senate-confirmed positions in the first 100 days of an Administration……………Now, therefore, I, Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2009 as _____,_____,_____,_____ (categories of all abominable depravations) Pride Month.”3 .

Most incredibly, after spouting the praise of the vile, sinful lifestyle, through 5 paragraphs of this proclamation, Obama signs:

“In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this first day of June, in the year of Our Lord two thousand nine, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-third.”4 .

On another front, the present president is determined to ‘install’ socialism in the United States in a rearrangement of the economic order to redistribute wealth, instead of what was once a free-market society. Pope Benedict XVI has written of the great error of socialism. In his encyclical Spe Salvi, he writes about Marx’s overthrow of the existing order and the installation of socialization. Marx’s philosophy, rather than bringing about a utopia in which everyone would own everything, resulted in a trail of “appalling destruction” that became a living hell, especially for believers and those who loved freedom. Pope Benedict writes:

“…with the victory of the revolution, Marx’s fundamental error also became evident. He showed precisely how to overthrow the existing order…He simply presumed that with the expropriation of the ruling class, with the full of political power and the socialization of means of production, the new Jerusalem would be realized. Then, indeed, all contradictions would be resolved, man and the world would finally sort themselves out. Then everything would be able to proceed by itself along the right path, because everything would belong to everyone and all would desire the best for one another…”5

Pope Benedict goes on to write of the results of what “we know all too well” happened:

“…we also know how it then developed, not ushering in a perfect world, (but it left)…a trail of appalling destruction…(Marx) forgot that man always remains man. He forgot man and he forgot man’s freedom. He forgot that freedom always remains also freedom for evil. (Marx) thought that once the economy had been put ‘right’, everything would automatically be put right. His real error is materialism: man, in fact, is not merely the product of economic conditions, and it is not possible to redeem him purely from the outside…” 6 .

Socialism is a disorder violating and coveting your neighbor’s goods. Social justice teaching has led to a favorable environment in which many have come to accept socialism as respectable. A government is also bound by the Commandment, “Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods,” and cannot take money from one to give to another. Socialism’s definition is simple. It is the “taking from one man’s pocket and giving to another.” The principles of Christianity give man a free conscience to do with, dispose of, and expend what is his as he determines. No person or government has a right to cancel this natural right of man, be the man generous or ungenerous.

On another front: The present president, Barack Hussein Obama, told David Brody of Christian Broadcasting Network:

“We’re no longer just a Christian nation; we are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers!”7

This was stated by Obama to put forth his vision for America, a wicked plot and scheme. A car that is manufactured by Ford does not cease to be a Ford if it is not running properly. It is what it is, a Ford. Likewise, this country is Christian. It was foundationed and built, ‘manufactured,’ from its beginning as Christian, and it is what it is, even if the Church and its people are not ‘running’ as they should or taking responsibility for their failures. Obama capitalized on the weak living of the Christian life to seed and impose a vision for a different America. It is a wicked scheme of satan to transform this Nation into something other than Christian. Those Christians who care most for the Nation to remain Christian are blamed by the president as the ones who are divisive. The President stated:

“Somehow, somewhere along the way, faith stopped being used to bring us together and started being used to drive us apart. It got high-jacked, part of it is because the so-called leaders of the Christian Right, who have been all too eager to exploit what divides us.”8

With all the above stated, as Our Lady’s children, do we stick our heads in the sand, ignoring these signs of the times? Are we not to discern the evil which pushes us in a direction away from Christ? Yes, first it is our own hearts which must be purified. But Our Lady of Medjugorje has told us we must also discern the intentions of hearts. How? Our Lady tells us when you love the one from whom evil comes to you, then you will be able to discern their intentions! How does that work? Because if one’s intentions are evil, only love can reason through to see clearly what their intentions are and will fruit into. To return evil or to hate is to be blind to the heart’s intentions and see only the heart’s intentions the way the world or the political arena would see them. Our Lady wants us to love in order to see! Our Lady of Medjugorje says:

November 7, 1985

“Dear children, I am calling you to the love of neighbor and love toward the one from whom evil comes to you. In that way you will be able to discern the intentions of hearts…”

We must love those who do evil to us, and to our future, in order to discern “the intentions of hearts.” We must discern the evils in people and in our society and change them because the structure of society, and of our culture and the direction it moves in and holds great influence and even determines the shaping of what both America and Christianity will become in our future. The influence that dominates will be the influence which guides. We are to discern. Our Lady wants that. We are to make decisions according to what we discern. We are not to form beliefs and understandings through what various factions promote, but through love and, thereby, discern what is destroying the culture and then make decisions, make a course of action. Meanness and cynicism in one’s reactions result in nothing but the same evils coming from you. Holy indignation, holy anger in one’s reaction may be warranted, which can stymie the evil. However, victory against evil intentions will come only through respecting the Commandments and holding all people of the culture to be accountable to God’s Law, be it a president or a peasant. Obama’s vision of America is anything but good for Christian America and by his own words, “Whatever we once were, we’re no longer a Christian nation…” is what we must go by to see what his vision is. His words tell us. His intention is to make every religion equal. This is a confusion of ‘man’s’ equality. In other words, every man is equal, regardless of his religion or non-religion. Yes, before God, he is equal. However, religions are not equal. Most religions contain some truth. Those truths are common ground among those religions. But some religions have more truth than others. They are not equal. Our Lady of Medjugorje explains this:


“Tell this priest, tell everyone, that it is you who are divided on earth. The Muslims and the Orthodox, for the same reason as Catholics, are equal before my Son and me. You are all my children. Certainly, all religions are not equal, but all men are equal before God, as St. Paul says.

“It does not suffice to belong to the Catholic Church to be saved, but it is necessary to respect the Commandments of God in following one’s conscience.

“Those who are not Catholics, are no less creatures made in the image of God, and destined to rejoin someday, the House of the Father. Salvation is available to everyone, without exception. Only those who refuse God deliberately are condemned. To him who has been given little, little will be asked for. To whomever has been given much, very much will be required. It is God alone, in His infinite justice, Who determines the degree of responsibility and pronounces judgment.”

You cannot make everything equal because natural law will not allow it. Something will rise up and dominate. Obama planting the seed to put Christianity equal with other faiths cannot be mandated except on a human level, but even then it will not remain so. If we witness living the fullness of Christianity, Obama’s vision cannot prevail. If we do not, Obama prevails, and Christianity will end up being severely persecuted. Why? Because by the natural order, another religion will prevail as the stronger on a cultural level and Christianity will be persecuted. It is not necessarily a competitive thing. It is simply the natural order that one will grow into a primary position, and the others will contract or grow slower. In the end, one will be the influence over the culture. Will Obama’s intentions, left unchecked, lead to evil?

In the book of Proverbs 6:17–19 says:

“There are six things the Lord hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him; haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood; a heart that plots wicked schemes, feet that run swiftly to evil, the false witness who utters lies, and he who sows discord among brothers.”

1. Haughty eyes: proud and disdainful, having a high opinion of one’s self with some contempt of others, lofty, arrogant.

2. Lying tongue: to tell a falsehood, to deceive.

3. Hands that shed innocent blood: the widespread murder, in the womb, of children, even spreading this aggressively to other nations through funding.

4. A heart that plots wicked schemes: such as the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, D.O.M.A., among many other schemes.

5. Feet that run swiftly to evil: an administration, led by the president, that is bent on moving as quickly as possible in initiating schemes, many of which are against natural law and are in violation of God’s Commandments.

6. False witness: the protection of many whose intentions are evil, portrayed them as victims, while the protectors of natural law and the Commandments are portrayed as the evil, divisive ones.

7. He who sows discord among brothers: Our nation is deeply divided and as Nero blamed the Christians for the burning of Rome, the president blames many Christians as the ones causing division because they won’t agree with the intentions of his heart.

Is this too strong of a statement? The Medjugorje visionary, Marija Lunetti, said in Italy, “When you want to know about a man, you go and see who his friends are to see who he is.” The president’s friends:

Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Pastor of Obama for 20 years. Wright connects racism, anti-Semitism, and hatred for America with the President.

Merril A. McPeaks: Obama’s campaign manager said that the terrorist groups, Hamas and Hezbollah are similar to Christians.

Frank Marshall Davis: Member of the Communist party of the U.S.A., alleged to be the president’s mentor in his younger years. Davis connects communism with the president.*

Cass Sunstein: Heads up White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Supports equalization of people and animals; animals, by human proxy, to have access to the court system to sue. Connects with the President extremist animal rights views, restrictions of the First Amendment and is against the Second Amendment.*

William Ayres: Co-founder of the Weather Underground, terror organization responsible for bombing several government buildings in the 60s. Ayres has history with the president.*

Jeff Jones: Jones is the co-founder of the Weather Underground, terror organization. Jones connects radical violence and terror to the President. Director of the organization that informed/influenced/possibly wrote the stimulus package.*

Van Jones: Worked directly for the President as a special advisor. Jones was an avowed Communist and was using green (environmental) initiatives for a Communist revolution; recently forced to resign.*

John Holdren: He has discussed adding a sterilant to drinking water or staple foods or requiring the implantation of the contraceptive capsule, leaving its removal to the discretion of the individual but requiring reimplantation after child birth for involuntary fertility control. He was confirmed by the Senate as Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology; he co-authored Ecoscience, which discusses in depth the different techniques available to governments to not only control but reverse human population growth, often by forceful methods. Holdren works directly for the President. He connects eugenics with green initiatives and health care reform.*

Ezekiel Emanuel: Emanuel is the brother of Rahm Emanuel, the President’s Chief of Staff. He is adviser of health policy in the Office of Management and Budget, member of Federal Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research and works for the President. Many of his comments show favoritism toward the reduction of end-of-life care. Emanuel connects denial of care with health care reform.*

Mark Lloyd: Chief Diversity Officer, FCC, and works directly for the President. He is equipped to impose the oppression of free speech to support his own ideas which are supportive of and/or sympathetic to anti-capitalism and Communism.

There are more important relationships who tell who Obama is, but the above is enough to show, as Marija said, if you want to know about someone, see who they associate with and who their friends are.

On another front on the National Day of Prayer: Obama broke away from the precedence set by previous presidents in regard to personally addressing the people attending the National Day of Prayer and having services in the East Room of the White House. Obama refused to have the Judeo-Christian service in which other faiths also participate in at the White House this year (May 2009) on the National Day of Prayer** , opting only for a token recognition of the day. And yet, without hesitation, Obama not only invited abominable lifestyle people into the White House, he named the whole month of June to honor this perverted lifestyle, using the opportunity to promote it as a wonderful lifestyle rather than the disgusting sin it is in the lives of those who commit it. This president chose to bear false witness in the White House, promoting ideologies so contrary to human civility, yet refused to hold at the White House a prayer service for a well-established National Day of Prayer for our Nation, in which millions from our Nation join in at state capitols, flag poles and churches across the Nation and the world.

It is now that the “new vision of America” Obama selectively seeks, continues its march toward changing America. Changing America to what? To be devoid of every vestige of Christian recognition? Obama would not host in the East Room of the White House the annual service for the National Day of Prayer, but he recently did give honor to a religious event. Not only did he honor it, he held a special White House dinner. Is Obama’s plan to replace Christianity? Our Lady of Medjugorje teaches us to respect all faiths, but is Our Lady’s call to replace Her Son, Jesus Christ, with something else? Her call is to come to Her Son, not wander off to something else. Loyalty to Her Son is to increase, not decrease. Obama’s actions and words show the opposite of Our Lady’s plans. This is not to incite hatred for Obama, rather to make crystal clear that we have an enemy to everything Christians are supposed to stand for. We are commanded to love our enemy. But with that command, we are not called to ‘ignore’ our enemy. With that command, we are not called to disregard our enemy. With that command, we are not called to pretend he is not an enemy to our faith. Even though he professes to be of the Christian faith, his own words, his own actions, show he is a false witness. He is promoting murder of innocent blood, abominable lifestyles and their protection, socialism, and the taking over of America by another faith. What? Another faith? What faith? Obama’s vision of the new America is being played out.

September 25, 2009, Washington hosted Islam on Capitol Hill. (This Words of the Harvesters was being written on September 23rd) On September 1, 2009, the President hosted a special dinner for Muslims in honor of Ramadan Kareem***, and remembering the President’s own words that Christianity divides ‘us,’ and remembering his words that we are not a Christian Nation, he, in turn, has paved the way of Islam on Capitol Hill. This is not written to oppose people who are Muslims. It is not written to turn Muslims and Christians against each other, for it is Our Lady of Medjugorje who said:


“Love your Serbian Orthodox and Muslim brothers…”

It is written to enlighten you with proper Godly mentalities as to what is unfolding, to see clearly the agenda of the new vision of America Obama wants. Few are considering what Islam on Capitol Hill means. Promoters say the event may draw up to 50,000 Muslims from all across America. The event is being billed as Muslims who want to show America that they love America. The event is being promoted as a national day of prayer. There will certainly be among the numbers, moderate and Godly Muslims there. We have friends of our mission who are Muslim, have enjoyed dinners together and have worked with them. The event is supposed to show that Muslims are for all people. But the question must be asked, why did the call to Muslims not be a call to join in the National Day of Prayer that has been established for decades? Jews, Christians, and other people did so. Why is it named Islam on Capitol Hill? Why is the website called What would happen in the media if Christians billed the National Day of Prayer—Christians on Capitol Hill? The name itself expresses the interest of where this may go. Where is it going? One of the key organizers of Islam on Capitol Hill is Hassen Abdellah. He is a lawyer who has represented several accused terrorists, including one who sold the fake ID’s to two of the 9/11 high-jackers. Yes, he has represented others who were not terrorists, but on the web page, it is repeated several times:

“Islam on Capitol Hill.” “Our Time has Come.”

Another leader of the events is Dr. Ahmad Dwidar, a imam of the Islamic Center in New York. Dwidar is termed as the face of the next generation of Muslims in America. His moderate approach may be all well and good, but the following interview tells what the ideas are, expressed in sermons, he himself has heard. The Middle East Broadcasting Center, captured by Memri, an interview with Dr. Dwidar:

Dwidar: In 1995 I heard some sermons, saying that Muslims should march on the White House from some of the mosques.

Host: What do you mean by “march on the White House”?

Dwidar: One cleric said in his sermon: “We are going to the White House, so that Islam will be victorious, Allah willing, and the White House will become into the Muslim house.”

Host: How? I don’t understand.

Dwidar: This is simply a slogan. I’m only saying this to…

Host: Are they going to occupy the White House or what?

Dwidar: No, they say that through the domination of Islam and its ideas, the White House will change.

Host: This will happen one day, but not this way. Islam will be victorious, no doubt, but not this way.

Dwidar: It will not happen unless the Muslims abandon their slogans and become a role model. If a Muslim doctor who invents a cure in the hospital or performs an important operation successfully—all the media will broadcast it live and announce it worldwide. The Muslim who makes do with breaking the wooden podium, with screaming, and with patronizing, condescending rhetoric that ‘Islam is coming, and it will change the face of the earth,’ while at the same time he cannot even change the face of the Islamic capitols, which overflow with garbage – this path will lead to no good.”9

But one fact remains, in the above interview he says, “It will not happen unless…” What “will not happen?” He is referencing “in that through the domination of Islam and its ideas, the White House will change.” Are these Dwidar’s ideas? His approach is through peace but the outcome is the same. Dwidar’s words, It will not happen unless…” refers to Dwidar’s above words in the interview:

“through the domination of Islam and its ideals, the White House will change.”

Obama is talking the Muslim religion into reality by words and actions while displacing Christianity in the United States. David Barton of Wall Builders writes:

“Over the past several years, President Barack Obama has repeatedly claimed that America is not a Christian nation. He asserted that while a U.S. Senator, repeated it as a presidential candidate, and on a recent presidential trip to Turkey announced to the world that Americans ‘do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.’ He made that announcement in Turkey because he said it was ‘a location he said he chose to send a clear message.’ Then preceding a subsequent trip to Egypt, he declared that America was ‘one of the largest Muslim countries in the world,’ even though the federal government’s own statistics show that less than one percent of Americans are Muslims.10

By Obama’s own words, he is doing everything possible to establish not only the Muslim religion much bigger than what it truly is, but to put it on the road to begin to dominate as has happened in several European countries. Barton writes:

“As nations such as Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and many others in Europe have become more secular, they have demonstrated a willingness to embrace virtually anything—anything except their traditional Christian foundations. In fact, they now regularly repudiate those foundations, (who) promoting abortion, legalizing abominable marriages, and changing their traditional legal codes. And accepting the falsehood that all beliefs are equal and that truth is relative, they have even been willing to incorporate Islamic Sharia law into their legal codes in order to protect the special practices of some Muslims living among them. This has energized many Muslims in those countries and they are displaying a new boldness that is vocal, visible, and demonstrably assertive.

“Each year, nearly 5,000 Muslim ‘honor killings’ occur across the world, a practice whereby parents kill children who allegedly bring ‘dishonor’ on Islam by dating non-Muslims, wearing western garb, converting to another religion, etc. Dozens of those murders are committed in Europe, but in many of these formerly Christian nations, those who commit the ‘honor killings’ often go unpunished since the death of their child was ‘required’ by Islamic law, now included in the legal law of the land. Additionally, many public personalities across Europe who criticized Islam have been murdered, causing Parliaments in the Netherlands and other European countries to forbid criticism of Islam in an effort to prevent further murders. These nations, having given up precious ground, are now having difficulty retaking it…

“As a result of such actions, many Muslims are exercising a new boldness in America. In fact, Muslim ‘honor killings’ have now arrived in the United States, most recently in Texas; and just a few weeks ago, direct action was taken to prevent the honor-killing of a 17-year old Muslim girl in Ohio who converted to Christianity and, in fear of her life, fled from her parents to Florida.”11

So what is Obama’s vision of America? One thing is for sure, the lust of all those in power and the haughtiness that blinds them, prevents them from foreseeing the outcome of present actions and the fruits of ‘changing’ the order of things, according to their vision, away from the principles of Christianity. The following is from the book, Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, written 2½ years ago. It will illuminate these points even more clearly.

Excerpts from Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping:

Many office holders today publicly profess belief in Christianity, but their actions are atheistic, thereby proving what they truly profess in their heart. In essence, an atheist would not have a proper conscience to be credible in upholding the oaths, testimonies, decisions, and judgments rendered. This shows us that no one needs to be sensitive to an atheist’s belief or accommodate them on a level constitutional playing field. This statement of not accommodating atheists on a “level constitutional playing field” may stun many mentalities. If it does, you must change your mentality, adapting back to the old mentalities that guided this Nation right up to a few decades ago. God is God. He exists, and for a professed atheist to believe that He does not exist, does not cause God’s existence to cease. So who do we honor? The atheist or God? Who do we respect? The atheist’s belief that God doesn’t exist or those who believe He does exist? Both cannot be accommodated equally. One will offend; one will be offended. It is one way or the other. So whose way is to win out? Throughout the last decades, it has been the atheist’s mentality. However, it is time to make all things right. An atheist does not have an equal right to prevail in his views or to be accommodated in law. He has the right to excuse himself, nothing more. The Christian attitude toward the atheist or non-believer is to be one of love and respect. The atheist has a free will to choose not to believe. He does not have a right to impose his belief and mentality into our laws or institutions.

On the other hand, as a Christian Nation, we have a right to impose Christian principles into our laws and institutions and to expect behavior based on them. It is to the advantage of the atheist, pagan, Christian and those of all other faiths to be governed in all of society by the “principles of Christianity.” It is to the disadvantage of atheists, pagans, Christians, and those of other faiths to be governed in all society by atheistic and pagan beliefs. There is no need for studies and research to examine this truth. In former times, all abided by Christian principles, even those who did not believe or practice a belief, and society was generally safe, wholesome, and righteous. Now many abide by secular atheistic principles and society is unsafe, loathsome, and unrighteous. The situation is now rapidly digressing into a grave crisis for our Nation, endangering our continuance.

Yes, a Muslim in this country is to be respected, but he is to be taught and must learn what our Founders placed into law and the way we are supposed to be governed, and he is to abide in society by these laws, mutually respecting that this is a Christian Nation. This includes that any oaths taken must be taken upon a Bible.

John Quincy Adams on July 4, 1837, stated that the American Revolution:

“connected in one indissoluble bond, principles of civil government to the principles of Christianity.” 99

In the quote above, what was indissoluble? The principles of civil government and the “bond” relating to and uniting them to the principles of Christianity! What are the efforts of darkness in our Nation presently doing, except moving to dissolve this bond? Reread John Quincy Adams’ very important quote about this ‘welded bond’ and then you will understand the mentalities of our Founders and what foundation our Nation rests upon. It is a case closed quote. Think about it. Reason it out.

Muslims, Hindus, and those of other faiths have a protected right in our Nation to practice their beliefs. Our Forefathers also clearly acknowledged that. Not only does our government defend that right, but Christianity does as well. The tolerant principles accepted and lived by Christians demands such, but tolerance does not, in any way, mean Christianity is the same to our Nation as other faiths or beliefs are to our Nation.

In looking back at the original intent of our Forefathers when they created this new Nation, it is clear that other religions do not have the same level “rights” as Christianity in becoming a guiding force over our Nation or its general population. The Christian faith is embedded everywhere throughout our Nation and for nearly 200 years its principles formed our common laws that all Americans lived by. These principles were considered Judeo/Christian ethics by our Nation’s Forefathers. Christian prayer has always been a part of our civil and public assemblies. They are in the oaths we make, “So help me God,” on our currency, “In God we Trust,” in our pledges, “One Nation Under God,” and inscribed on our government buildings from Washington D.C. to every state in the Union. By virtue of the fact that this is a Christian Nation, other beliefs have no claim of equal time when prayers are said in public, whether it be before public functions or required meetings of government, before military gatherings, before public school events and graduations, and so forth. Our Forefathers even acknowledged that atheists were to be schooled by the “principles of Christianity,” as they believed that an atheist who is held to Christian principles in his behavior would not be harmed by these standards. John Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson about the army.

“Who composed that army of fine young fellows that was then before my eyes? There were among them Roman Catholics, English Episcopalians, Scotch and American Presbyterians, Methodists, Moravians, Anabaptists, German Lutherans, German Calvinists, Universalists, Arians, Priestleyans, Socinians, Independents, Congregationalists, Horse Protestants and House Protestants, Deists and Atheists, and Protestants ‘qui ne croyent rein.’...All educated in the general principles of Christianity...The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were...the general principles of Christianity...” 89

It is our right as Christians to honor the God of our Nation, the God of our Forefathers, who placed Christ’s principles in the primary position of our public institutions, who foundationed our very government upon His Creed.

This writing is not calling for or promoting a theocracy, for Christianity’s principles do not compel one’s conscience by force. Rather, it is a call to return to that which was built, from the beginning, into our basic code of law, which are the Christian principles, for the standard of society. Every individual benefits from that basic code, be he a believer or non-believer. An individual is free to choose his faith, but the standard for all in American society are the principles of Christianity.

In Saudi Arabia, Iran, and every other Muslim nation, their prayer to Allah is held by their society as primary both by government and religious leaders. Israel, likewise, is a Jewish land, recognized as a nation where Judaism is primary. The United States is not like the European Union who refused to put God in their constitution because, as they said, they are no longer Christian nations.

The United States of America is a Christian Nation who has been bullied into silence by a minority who wants God and His Son, the Christ, taken out of this country so to move forward their own godless, secularist agendas, who want us to adopt a more European mentality of denying our Christian roots. England, France, Germany, and other countries are now being dominated by Muslims who are taking over all of Europe. Having abdicated their Christian heritage, God gave into their wish and is withdrawing. Now they are losing the very souls of their nations. America, wake up and look at your own future—which is peering at us from across the ocean. We too will lose the soul of our Nation if we refuse to stand up and fight for the recognition of our founding and roots as a Christian people. This Christian Nation must stand upon our Fathers’ dreams and never concede, to any other religion, the position Christianity holds in this Nation. It begins by prayerful study of what and why our Nation was founded. We cannot vacate the rightful and God-given position Christianity holds as the guiding force of this Nation. If we hold the line, there is the hope that through our example, other nations will find the strength to place their own foundations back on God, and reclaim their Christian roots.

From the Book Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping

In summary, in regard to Muslims and the present situation, no doubt Our Lady has a special love for Her Muslim children. Even if elements of them persecute Her Christian children, for the earlier quoted message to love your Muslim brothers, Our Lady of Medjugorje also added:


“Love your Serbian Orthodox and Muslim brothers, and the atheists who persecute you.”

“All your prayers touch me very much, especially your daily Rosary.”

Yes, even if Christians are persecuted. Our Lady also said on January 23, 1986:

“Dear children, again I call you to prayer with the heart. If you pray with the heart, dear children, the ice of your brothers’ hearts will melt and every barrier shall disappear. Conversion will be easy for all who desire to accept it. You must pray for this gift which by prayer you must obtain for your neighbor. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

And also Our Lady of Medjugorje said 14 days after the September 11th attacks:

September 25, 2001

“Dear children! Also today I call you to prayer, especially today when satan wants war and hatred. I call you anew, little children: pray and fast that God may give you peace. Witness peace to every heart and be carriers of peace in this world without peace. I am with you and intercede before God for each of you. And you do not be afraid because the one who prays is not afraid of evil and has no hatred in the heart. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Why is it said that Our Lady has a special love for Her Muslim children? Because they are fervent and loyal in their prayers, more so than most Christians. They believe strongly that abominations are gravely wrong and should not be allowed in the culture. They are strongly against adultery, divorce, abortion, much of which the Church has failed to correct its members on. Muhammad’s daughter’s name is Fatima. Muhammad wrote only one woman is greater than ‘Fatima’. It is the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our Lady appeared in a place named for a Muslim princess from Alcacer do Sal who was named in honor of Mohammed's daughter. She was captured and later betrothed to the leader of the Christian forces and later baptized into the Catholic faith before her marriage. Her name was ‘Fatima’—Fatima, Portugal. Our Lady also appeared in a place where a woman goddess was worshipped and where babies were sacrificed. Our Lady changed the place to accept Her instead, and millions converted—Guadalupe. Guadalupe is a Muslim name of a river in the Middle East. The Muslims pray on prayer beads similar to what a long broken Rosary would look like. Guadalupe, Fatima, prayer beads? The Koran has 1½ pages about Our Lady. And with many other things one can only conclude that Our Lady Herself will lead them completely under Her mantle in a miraculous way, and for those who are devoted to Our Lady will be an asset to Her in the end.

Obama is using different groups for himself and his own lust for power. By Obama’s own actions and words one can clearly see he is operating in the absence of the state of grace. It is impossible for him to have any kind of anointing from God in his office. Some may object, because all authority is from God. But, that does not mean that it is a holy anointing. Authority can come from God withdrawing, and giving the people over to themselves. God can raise up someone to purify His people, as the Assyrians were used to purify Israel. It is important for all groups to see this, for in the end, as with Karl Marx’s plans about which Pope Benedict wrote, the good and the bad will end up going down this path of destruction by putting their faith in Obama’s vision. We must object to this by what means God gives us. We must reject his vision of America, as well as the rest of the anti-Christian system that has planted itself in ruling the nation. It is Our Lady who leads and instructs us. It is Her Immaculate Heart we emulate. And it is through Her witness being in us that the world will change and experience peace. No man can give us this. No man can give peace. It is important for you to discern. Do not take what is written here. Do your own research. Investigate yourself. Inform others and live holy. Follow Our Lady’s messages. We can win the victory for Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. She asks for it. But in any battle, we must understand who the enemy is. First, it is our own sinfulness. When we convert, then we are able to love and discern intentions of hearts, even of our enemies’.

Sun Tzu wrote 2,500 years ago, if you know yourself and you know your enemy, you will win every battle. If you know yourself, but not your enemy, you will lose a battle for every one you win. If you do not know yourself, nor your enemy, you will lose every battle. This writing is an impulse to know yourself, grow in holiness, and to know and discern your enemies of the Christian life and what your reaction should be.

In the Love of Our Lady,
Friend of Medjugojre
Who is a Friend of Medjugorje?

P.S. Spread this to as many as possible. Spread to your family, friends and mail lists. Especially, spread this to those whom you've never shared Our Lady or Medjugorje with. The interest in the subject would appeal to many who do not know Our Lady, thereby introducing them to Her.

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** The National Day of Prayer task force represents a Judeo-Christian expression of the national observance.
*** Ramadan Kareen – The month in which the first verses of the Koran were revealed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. - Koran 2:185.

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