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“You are on a Tabor. You receive blessings, strength, and love. Carry them into your families and into your homes…”

Our Lady Queen of Peace,
Medjugorje June 24, 1986


The Virgin Mary appeared on Mt. Križevac or Cross Mountain on June 24, 1986 in an apparition in which She, Herself, compared this mountain to Mt. Tabor, in Israel, the site of Jesus’ transfiguration with Elijah and Moses. Was Our Lady trying to convey something to the world by such a profound statement? There can be no question as to Our Lady’s actions. Our Lady appears physically, transfigured in Her Heavenly body. She appears to the visionaries breathing, has touched them, and Marija, who receives the monthly message to the world, even received a kiss from Our Lady once. In the first year of the apparitions, Andrija, Marija’s brother, along with others from the village, saw many little hamlets descend down upon Cross Mountain from the sky. There were many churches with each church surrounded tightly by houses as in a little village. They described the supernatural event as having a whitish look to it, yet very clear. For the believer, the near future is full of wonder and anticipation for a new springtime, the grace of the Heavenly Jerusalem descending upon the earth. The Church will become holy as in the beginning. Decisions, for or against God’s will, will have consequences that will affect our individual futures. One who goes to Medjugorje and prays on this mountain, while these apparitions are still occurring daily, can only be humbled at this great gift of grace being granted to the world during the window of time God grants that we have with our Queen and encountering Her on Her “Mt. Tabor.


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