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Dear Caritas,I feel so numb from listening to your 5 part series. Reading the book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping,” was incredible enough – but to actually listen to what’s happening to our country and our freedoms, made my blood boil even more.

The moon, on its descent as the sun rises over St. James this morning, Monday, November 5, 2007. Our Lady tells us:

Medjugorje, 7:40 AM
- As the village wakes up, today, Thursday, October 25, '07.

Medjugorje this morning, October 29, 2007. Seasons speak to us, especially when we do as Our Lady has told us to do.

There have been 249 monthly messages. Tomorrow, October 25, 2007, one message will be added to the number, but in spite of such a large number of messages none are without singular importance to the highest degree; a degree we cannot comprehend.

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