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Some of the Caritas Community girls today, August 5, 2009, all dressed up for the occasion for Our Lady’s birthday celebration.



As the young Caritas girls headed to the chicken coop to collect the community’s “daily bread” of eggs, the community members gathered to pray the Rosary before Our Lady’s statue which was graced with the beautiful picture of the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, surrounded by hundreds of roses that formed a flowery pedestal at Our Lady’s feet. This scene of Mary’s birth and the roses always bring to mind the very special celebration of Our Lady’s birthday that took place in the Field the evening of August 4, 2005, when for the first time ever a celebration of Mary’s “Christmas” Eve was experienced by thousands of pilgrims, followed then by the spectacular storm on Our Lady’s birthday, August 5th, in which nature re-created the exact circumstances when Mary first entered the world at Her birth 2,021 years earlier.

For a synopsis of that special birthday celebration of August 5, 2005, and the Caritas Community's celebration, see the article “Our Lady’s 2023rd Birthday – August 5, 2007”


Some of the Caritas Community girls today, August 5, 2009, all dressed up for the occasion for Our Lady’s birthday celebration. Here in this picture, the girls are returning from gathering the chicken eggs and bringing them to the Field to place them in the front of Our Lady as they do every day for the rosary. In Medjugorje Our Lady came and stepped into the lives of the villagers. At Caritas, it is seen that Our Lady comes into the everyday life and becomes a part of the Community, intertwined, Heaven and earth, a seamless life. Our Lady’s birthday, celebrated as if it were the birthday of a Community member, only it is our Queen and Mother.


At 3:00 a.m. the morning of August 5th, several of the young men in the Caritas Community, who had spent the night outside under the stars, arose to begin roasting a pig. For what occasion? For the celebration of Our Lady’s birthday. It is a big feast day in the Caritas Community, and among one of the main callings of the Community is to promote and spread knowledge of Our Lady’s August 5th birthday worldwide. On August 4th, the day before Our Lady’s feast, the community men worked all day in St. Joseph’s shop to weld together the spit you see in this picture to hold the pig. It is a joy to create from one’s own hands, in collaboration of what God gives in His creation, useful tools and other necessities of life. The handmade spit added to the festivities of the day as Our Lady’s little village allowed practically everything else to stop in order to pause to give thanks to God and to celebrate Her birth.


The angels of Our Lady, three of the Caritas Community children blowing out the candles for Our Lady’s birthday cake, today, August 5, 2009.

To hear a story of Our Lady’s Birthday see, Remember When It Rained?

Sr. Henrietta Netta
Exeter, Pennsylvania - USA
Happy Belated Birthday Dearest Blessed Mother. I listened to the beautiful story of the day When it rained. It was so touching it touched my heart also. THank you for the Miracle of Your Love for us. We love you and I love you the most...someday we shall see each other again. I hope someday I may be able to come to AL to Caritas to meet everyone who do such a wonderful job. I really enjoyed it well. Thank you again.
Jean Anne
Broussard, Louisiana - USA
Thank you for posting how your community honored Our Lady on her birthday. It is so joyous to see! Our family was inspired by our July visit with you all to celebrate Our Lady's special day here in our home. We attended daily Mass for nine days bringing flowers from our garden each morning to her statue in church and saying prayers of thanksgiving for Our Lady. On 5 August, we brought roses and hand made cards, sang and prayed to Mary in church, then made and shared a birthday pie at home.
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
It is really wonderful, we too wish her "Happy Birthday" our Loving Dear Mother.
Summerfield, Florida - USA
Oh, the children! They look like beautiful flowers, all of them. What a beautiful bouquet for Our Lady! She is surely pleased.
Colombo, Sri Lanka
wow! it`s such a nice feeling to see how Mama Mary`s birthday was celebrated.especially the little children,so exited to blow the candles.Yes,Mama Mary must be so happy too. Love, Merlyn.
Santa Grace Adoch
Kampala, Uganda
Thank you for celebrating the birth day of our mother.Mama Maria happy birth day,I love you.Santa Grace. Uganda
Valencia, Philippines
happy birthday mother mary...thank you for your prayers.. for your guidance ... although us your children don't follow your messages sometimes... forgive us... continue to send our prayers to your son...i love you mom.. hope to see you soon...
Vickie sarafa
La Mesa, California - USA
Happy birthday dear Blessed Mother and thank you Caritas family for sharing how you celebrated Our Lady's birthday. It always lifts my spirits to get any info from or about you. You are always in my prayers and I thank you for keeping me and my family in your prayers.
Orchard Park Ny, USA
Happy birthday most holy Mary.
Grace dant
Upper Marlboro,maryland, Maryland - USA
Happy Birthday to our Dear Blessed Mother who continues to visit her devoted people. Thank you for bringing her to us. I always feel like I am spiritually there with all of you and above all in prayer to Our Dear Holy Mother daily. In the love of Jesus - grace
Houston, USA
Happy birthday, sweet Mother Mary! We love you with all our hearts!
Margaret Moore
New Haven, Indiana - USA
Boynton Beach, Florida - USA
wonderful...thank you for sharing Our Lady's Birthday in this manner. Blessings! Esther
Natchitoches, Louisiana - USA
Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures! Our family celebrated Our Lady's birthday, as well! It was a wonderful day spent with praying the Marian Rosary, Mass, and birthday cake! The broadcast on RadioWave was wonderful lastnight and was a great way to end our day of celebrating... We pray for the Community of Caritas each night...that God will continue to bless your community, so that you may continue to do the wonderful job that you are already doing, spreading Our Lady's messages!
Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania - USA
Josie Viola
Hammond, Louisiana - USA
All I can say is - Just absolutely beautiful !