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Our Lady in Medjugorje said to, “reflect about your future...” We see Our Lady say, “ ready...” We see even non-believers know there is something wrong. Believer and non-believer alike believe the world is on the wrong path. But, what are we doing? Are we just going about our life wondering what can we do now?


Monday's release is all about the future. We know Our Lady is working toward the conversion of the world. What will be the needs at that moment? Who's thinking about it? When we know a hurricane is coming, people prepare for it. All society is spiritually depraved. It's crazy not to be looking at what our needs are to be in the future.

Look for it 12:01 AM Monday, November 8 on, Special Release, in regards to impact on the Medjugorje movement that you will want to be informed of.

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