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A special unexpected grace was given to Core Group members today, as Medjugorje visionary Marija happened to come into Medjugorje only for a few days. Two members from the Caritas community were present for Our Lady’s apparition in Marija’s Chapel of Two Hearts, yesterday evening, March 11. They placed the names of the Core Group members at the foot of Our Lady’s statue, where Our Lady appears to Marija. It was a joy to have this opportunity to intercede to Our Lady for the needs of those who are providing, through their financial support, free to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Our Lady has said there are “particular” graces that are received during the moment of the apparitions. For that reason, She gave specific advice that nothing should preoccupy those who are present in the apparition:

January 1984

“When you are in the room of the apparitions or at the church, you should not preoccupy yourselves with taking pictures. Rather, you should use the time to pray to Jesus, especially in those moments of particular grace during the apparitions.”

What does it mean to be present in an apparition of Our Lady, or even to have your name presented to Our Lady of Medjugorje in an apparition? We will never know until we reach Heaven. But we know it is a grace we will spend eternity thanking God for having the privilege of being among that number.


The names of Core-Group members placed at the feet of Our Lady yesterday evening, March 11, 2010.

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