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If your heart has the desire to experience the grace and beauty of Medjugorje while it celebrates 30 years of conversions, miracles, revival of hearts, and the return to the faith of countless individuals around the world, then seriously put it to prayer and ask Our Lady if She is calling you. One day the apparitions will stop. How much longer can we expect to have Our Lady in Her physical presence in the world today? She wants to encounter you in this special place called Medjugorje which God has ordained for the meeting of hearts. Our Lady said:

July 25, 1999

“…I desire for you to comprehend that I want to realize here, not only a place of prayer but also a meeting of hearts. I desire for my, Jesus’ and your heart to become one heart of love and peace…”

Caritas/BVM Pilgrimages places pilgrims in the best possible position for this meeting of hearts to take place between you and Our Lady and you and Jesus.

Beginning 25 years ago, the founder and director of Caritas of Birmingham personally developed, through prayer and inspiration, a way for pilgrims to experience Medjugorje profoundly. There are many “ways” to experience Medjugorje, but not all of them produce the desired conversion that pilgrims hope for. This “way” of experiencing Medjugorje was interwoven into the fabric of Caritas/BVM Pilgrimages by our founder. He kept, over the past 25 years, the pilgrimages focused and foundationed upon Our Lady’s messages with the same spirit that he had in the beginning. That is to say, to give you in one pilgrimage what it would take to learn in 10-15 trips to Medjugorje. The testimonies of the pilgrims who go with BVM Pilgrimages confirm over and over again, year after year, that this “way” of Medjugorje is profound and life changing. Those who have gone with other groups often say, after going with Caritas, that BVM Pilgrimages offered the most spiritually rewarding experience of all.

After 30 years of apparitions, the grace of Our Lady is still strongly present in Medjugorje, but pilgrims today must deal with distractions that weren’t there in the beginning years. It has always been in the heart of Caritas’ founder to protect those whom Our Lady brings to Medjugorje from a host of elements that will weaken their experience. The spiritual philosophies and direction that has been instilled within the Caritas/BVM Pilgrimage has come through the living out of Our Lady’s messages in the lives of our founder and the Caritas community members who guide the pilgrimages, following in the witness he forged through a direct request of Our Lady, through Medjugorje visionary Marija.

Caritas’ founder, known as A Friend of Medjugorje, who has written more on the messages of Medjugorje then anyone in the world, will be present in Medjugorje for the June 20-29, 2011 pilgrimage. You will have the opportunity to hear him share his experiences of walking more than 25 years with Our Lady through Medjugorje and the insights he has gained in living, praying with and applying the messages of Our Lady into his life as well as spiritually guiding the life of the Caritas Community and directing hundreds of thousands through his writings over all these years.

Though this may be your first time going to Medjugorje, you will be the beneficiary of the wisdom gained through more than 422 combined trips of the founder and Caritas community members who have given their lives to Our Lady in order to help people experience the profoundness of Medjugorje and the life of the messages. It’s not a job for us, or a part time ministry, it’s a vocation and a 24/7 calling. The success of Our Lady’s plans depends upon the conversion of those whom She calls. It, therefore, is a great responsibility to give pilgrims the best experience of Medjugorje they can have. This expectation was placed upon the heart of our founder, through Our Lady, and it is something BVM Pilgrimages strives for with each individual and group who chooses to go with us.

The 30 year anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions in Medjugorje is approaching quickly. Our June 20-29, 2011 trip is 3/4's full. We invite you to act immediately if you wish to go during this special time of grace during the 30th Anniversary. There are no more beds available in Medjugorje for the 30th June 25 anniversary. We reserved space a year ago to accommodate a full pilgrimage. We expect the remaining spaces of our pilgrimage group to go quickly. If you hesitate in making your decision, do not expect there will be the possibility of getting a room somewhere else in the village. Even the nearby towns surrounding Medjugorje are booked up, with no available space for those who may want to make a last minute decision to go. Click to read more about why Caritas is the #1 choice to go to Medjugorje. Spend some time reviewing the BVM site then call 205-672-2000, ext. 218, or contact us through the site.

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