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Caritas Community mother with child and pilgrims
These pictures are from last night, May 25, 2010. On the 2nd and 25th of each month, the Community of Caritas prints Our Lady’s messages on special gold-embossed keepsake cards in many different languages to give away to the pilgrims in Medjugorje. At times there are 100 or more pilgrims waiting to receive Our Lady’s messages and other material we give away free. The Mission House is manned by some of the young families and single consecrated men and women of the Community. In the pictures here is one of the young mothers with her baby, speaking to the pilgrims and handing out the message card. In the picture below, little Jesse holds one of the message cards, ready to hand it over to one of the pilgrims.

The Mission House distributes materials to people all over the world who come to Medjugorje. It has become known as the Message Place. If you go to Medjugorje, it is a must visit.

Community Mother and Child in Medjugorje May 25, 2010

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