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Five years ago, the Community of Caritas hosted the Queen of Heaven on Her birthday. It is with great joy that we remember those events, August 4, 2005, Mary's Eve, praying the Marian Mysteries of the Rosary about the birth of Our Lady, repeating words from mystics who described a storm that had exploded onto the scene at the moment of Mary’s birth. Less than 24 hours later, August 5, 2005, as the crowd in the Field began praying the Rosary in anticipation of Our Lady’s birthday appearance to Marija, we were all amazed as the weather changed to match the very conditions that had been foretold the night before. A hot, humid and sticky August evening, turned at first into fresh, cool breezes, and then suddenly lightning, thunder, hail, pounding rain and blowing wind descended upon us, in the middle of which Our Lady appeared. It was an experience of…not fear…but all-consuming joy as we realized we were being given a special grace of being able to physically reminisce with Our Lady about Her moment of birth. We continue to speak to many of the pilgrims who were present that day, and the lasting impression it made on them, especially the joy they experienced. It was a sign for us that God, Himself, the Author of Creation, desires for His greatest Creation to be honored on this day.


It is important to recognize and celebrate August 4th, Mary's Eve and August 5th as Our Lady’s birthday.


The Marian Mysteries of the Rosary

To be prayed on August 4



August 5, What Are You Doing For Her birthday?

A Must Read Booklet by A Friend of Medjugorje


Also remember Radio WAVE special broadcasts:

The Marian Mysteries of the Rosary
August 4 – 7:00pm (Central Time USA)

“Remember when it rained?”
August 5 – 7:00pm (Central Time USA)

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Special Statement

The Catholic Church has recognized and designated September 8th as the day to honor the birth of the Virgin Mary. By no means is that being usurped or encouraged to ignore. Rather, Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje has purposely and clearly made it known that the actual date is August 5th. Therefore, honor Her on August 5th and respect the Church and its authority on September 8th. Mary is worthy of two days. God will blend the two days at the right time. We must pray and wait...

Mary has spoken on the apparitions and their approval and the Church's authority. The wisdom of Our Lady is clearly seen in the following message that She gave in 1986.

“One must follow the authority of the Church with certainty. Yet, before she expresses an opinion, it is necessary to advance spiritually, because she will not be able to express a judgement in a vacuum, but in a confirmation which presupposes growth of the child. First comes birth, followed by Baptism, then Confirmation. The Church comes to confirm him, who is born of God. We must walk and advance in the spiritual life, affected by these messages.”

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