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September 11, 2007

Hi Everyone,

I’m an American living in Japan with my Japanese husband and children. My children and I are all Christians, but my husband still isn’t ready. He is being called by God though, and has had several signs lately.

AS you may know, Japan is not a Christian country. I thought it was coming around, and then the “DaVinci Code” was published. The enemies of Christ pounced upon this, selling it as historical fact. If you can imagine, the history channel played a documentary about it everyday for over a month. Most people here believe it as fact now.

Then appeared. You have no idea how important your site is for us. The nearest church of us is 40 kilometers away. Our current pastor is lacking in commitment. He is a nice person, but something more is needed. He speaks English quite well. However, I don’t know how many times I heard him tell us, “Why are you here today? It’s a nice day, you should all be out enjoying your day.” In some instances he even told us not to come. We are now having an English service once a month. There is a Japanese service on most Sundays, but most of us have work and/or school. Sunday is not a holiday over here. There is a time problem also.

We would like to contribute to you but we have just lost our jobs. Hearing your production tonight was uplifting for us. I felt that we are still a part of the world, and there are still many good people out there. We pray that you continue spreading the message in love. I often make copies of your messages to bring to our mass when we have one. Our members come from the four corners of the world. They also look forward to your messages. Thank you again.

Hokkaido, Japan


September 8, 2007

Dear Community of Caritas,

What a beautiful, beautiful, amazing story. As I listened to the story of the events of August 5, 2005, I felt I was there in the Field with you. I felt like you might have felt knowing, “She is here! She is here! She has arrived and is here with us.” This is how I felt October 11, 2003 when I was graced with my first visit to your wonderful community in Alabama. There in the chapel of St. Anne I was filled with the Holy Spirit. Later, praying alone with my mom in the Field and throughout my short, short visit to Caritas I felt the same. “She is here!” I experienced a peace and joy that I have never experienced before. Then and now I was filled with tears of happiness. My conversion was born that day. I have not visited you since 2004 and I long to be there at Caritas once again. Thank you for your goodness, kindness, and forgiveness to those of us who at times forget your mission at Caritas is Our Lady’s and the Lord’s will. God Bless you and Peace be with You.

Galveston, Texas

September 8, 2007

Dear Sir/Madame,

I am in Malta hearing the program Remember When It Rained on Radio Wave. Please can I get a copy of this program so that I can share with others.


September 9, 2007

Dear Caritas Community,

We sat this evening with six other families and 19 children and listened to “Remember When It Rained,” recalling what we had experienced while at Caritas of the celebration of Our Lady’s Birth August 5, 2005. We went that year because we wanted to experience you living Our Lady’s messages in community. You showed us what we too could have in our lives when we wrap our day in prayer. The experience that unfolded August 5th was a pure and simple gift from Our Lord and Our Lady. Listening this evening amid the chaos and many miracles of our little gathering brought soft tears, a deep sense of peace, and preoccupation with wanting to pray. Now several hours later, the experience of reliving August 5th by way of “Remember When It Rained,” brings back a fervent call we received in our hearts to turn to Our Lady frequently in thanksgiving for the many graces She bestows on us every day.

Thank you for prayerfully discerning and producing this presentation and sharing this precious event with the world.

J & R R
Orangevale, California


September 8, 2007


Thank you so much for the opportunity to relive August 5, 2005. I didn’t know how to fully explain the events of that day to my family, but with my husband and son present with me, through your program, I was more fully able to relate my blessed experience to them. And as one caller mentioned on the air, it was so wonderful to hear all your voices again. I truly love you all so much. May God continue to bless you for all you do, and by His will, I pray to see you all again soon.

Clinton, Iowa

September 8, 2007

Dear Caritas,

May God and Our Blessed Mother bless all of you for WAVE! What a beautiful gift for Our Blessed Mother on Her birthday.

Hearing your broadcast allowed me to remember my visit to Caritas a few years back. What a beautiful gift to me tonight! Beautiful Memories! Beautiful Blessings! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Lewis, Kansas

September 9, 2007

Dear Caritas,

Many thanks for everything you do. The radio presentation was inspiring. Words cannot describe the spiritual uniting one feels hearing others describe the Medjugorje events and other events related to it. It is wonderful to read the materials but it is incredible to have the ability to hear the message. When you listen you feel you are part of a spiritual family. Please continue this ministry.

New Orleans, Louisiana

September 8, 2007

Dear Caritas,

WOW – I was glued to my computer and I loved your technical problems, sometimes we need to know you are human too.

What meant most to me was hearing all the others who feel the same way I do. I don’t feel so alone anymore – you were right, this has connected us. You have threaded the world together. I am so wired and jazzed and happy I doubt I can sleep tonight! You all did a great job, a great, great job.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

September 9, 2007

This is just the greatest, most wonderful thing to happen and it made me feel that maybe there are more people out there than I thought that are in our corner to spread the messages of Our Lady. I feel like great things are happening and I am full of joy to be a part of it all.

Chattanooga, Tennessee


Don't forget that you are able to play Remember When It Rained at will. It is loaded right now. It is bringing conversion to those who listen. Tell everybody you know and encourace everyone to tune in and listen to it. Click here to play the re-broadcast of "Remember When it Rained".