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Whether you have or haven’t listened to a Mejanomics show in recent weeks, don’t miss today’s show, “Sharks Smell the Blood in the Water.” It’s filled with information coming from experts watching the trends in the financial world who are confirming what A Friend of Medjugorje has been saying for years. Everyone is hoping that the economy will turn around, but that is not what is now being projected. So now the “experts” are saying what Our Lady has been saying from the beginning, “Be ready.” The days of opportunity are slipping past us all, but there is still time to act. Listen to today’s Mejanomics show for solid direction for your future and act on it today! This is one Radio show not to miss. Encourage everyone you know to listen to “Sharks Smell the Blood in the Water.” Send to friends!


Visit this link to listen to today’s show, “Sharks Smell the Blood in the Water.”

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