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February 10, 2016 A.D.
Updated 8:45 am CST

$100,000 Goal
Down to $16,316 Left to Raise!

If you’ve donated, pray for “others” to give…



Your support yesterday, has brought the 2016 budget plea to only $16,316 left to go! With just a few more days like this, we can close it out very quickly. Thank you for your donations, and please continue to pray for many “others” to respond to this call. Your giving is a gift of salvation for impoverished souls. But, not only are souls saved from perdition, many are introduced to Our Lady, by God’s grace, through the instrument of Thank you. If ever there was a time in history where a monetary donation can literally lead to souls being saved, this moment of salvation history is it. Thank you.

You can make your donation online here… Thank you.

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