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The following pictures and captions are what is behind and drives It is a living body of believers, transforming Our Lady’s messages into life. Those who visit Caritas repeatedly are always asking us to show behind the scenes, and so the following is Easter Sunday spent together.


Easter Feast preparations at Caritas

Easter Sunday Morning – a few of the Community members putting the final decoration touches on the tables where the Community will come together for their Easter celebration meal. Our Lady has taught through Her messages, everything that we do, we should do with love. From the decorations to the preparation and cooking of the meal to the cleaning up afterwards, all is done with love, in peace and gratitude for the way of life Our Lady has given to us.


Caritas kids sleeping in the Field of Apparitions on Easter

Our Lady says the greatest treasure you can have is peace. To be able, while growing up, to sleep in peace with the sound of the Rosary being prayed by adults daily in the Field of Apparitions for apparition time in Medjugorje cannot help but influence little ones being raised in such an environment. Here are two cousins, whose families live in the community.


Easter Egg Hunt at Caritas

A Caritas tradition. Our Lady tells us to put “Her messages into practice.”

March 25, 1992

“…I invite you to live my messages and to put them into practice in your life…”

Everything we live threads the way of the messages into our life. Even our traditions always encompass a spiritual element, even an Easter Egg hunt in which the adults give witness to the children while helping them to hunt. After Rosary in the Field, all the Community children line up from youngest to the oldest to begin an Easter Egg hunt. The younger children pick an adult or older youth to help them. Then a group at a time, according to age, run up the hill to begin the Easter Egg Hunt which encompasses all around the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages, Our Lady of Victory School, the barn, gift shop area and parking area. For the next hour or so, it is a whirlwind of kids and adults running, laughing, screaming, and helping each other in their quest for eggs.


Medjugorje style Satch Chicken on Easter at Caritas

Our Easter meal consists of a recipe that some of the local Medjugorje villagers taught the founder of Caritas several years ago. It is a chicken dish, cooked in special pans from Medjugorje called satches. The medal satches are placed on a stand, high enough to put burning coals under the pans. Then the top is placed on the lid (satch) and hot coals are placed on top. The coals are continuously replaced by hot ones as they cool off. With temperatures in the high 80’s on Easter, it was a true labor of love by the men of the community as they continuously were shoveling the hot coals on top and under the satch. The fruits we receive from living Our Lady’s messages are a part of our every day life, even the way we cook.


Blessing before Easter Feast at Caritas

After the hunt is over and the meal is cooked, the community kneels down to offer thanksgiving together for the bountiful food that God has given to them and, in a special way, to give thanks to Jesus for winning for us salvation through His Death and Resurrection. Good Friday, the community climbed the mountain, Grotto La Pluie, barefoot, in gratitude for Jesus gift of His life to us and the gift of His Mother who guides us each day.


Caritas Easter Feast

Community meals are a great joy for both the young and the old. The food, always made with love, makes meals together very enjoyable for adults and children. The community spent six hours at the table, sharing, laughing, serious conversation, enjoying each others company. This is part of the life Our Lady taught. Too many today are ready to leave family gatherings after a couple of hours, so distant has the family become. Our Lady said on May 1, 1986:

“…I wish that the fruits in the family be seen one day…”

Community helps strengthen family and peace. Family and peace helps build community. This is something that has been lost in the culture and Our Lady’s desire to establish communities in the future.


Baby Sleeping at Caritas on Easter

Children play hard and sleep hard. Here in the protected niche behind the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages front doors, a little one rests in peace. The messages, etched in the 2 blocks in the side of the middle window, are always around wherever we go, wherever we look. The culturalizing of Our Lady’s messages is in our very life.

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