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*Why did the internet almost completely crash worldwide on Our Lady’s Anniversary, June 25, 2009?

*Our Lady just said to be ready on April 2, 2010. Throughout this writing, you will learn many reasons to be ready and what to be ready for.

*With your witness, when the first secret is released, what tools will you use to spread the messages?

*What the Medjugorje visionary Vicka says about preparing “today” for the future.

*Behind the screens look – what is behind the screen?

*After reading fully, you will understand Medjugorje is bigger than can be imagined.

*Updated Budget Chart

Since beginning the fund drive for, we have heard from many of our supporters who expressed their continued financial assistance in keeping online. The vast majority of our supporters were changed themselves through the work of Caritas of Birmingham and the Community of Caritas. They, therefore, want to support Caritas because they know, through God’s grace, this mission really brings conversion and they know this through their own experience.


However, there is a segment of people who discovered by accident, or through a family member or friend’s recommendation, promotions, etc., who do not have history with Caritas’ mission and they have brought up legitimate questions of why they should give to support Following is the reply to these honest questions.


But whether you are a long time supporter of Caritas and, or just learning about us, please know that would not be possible without your support. Marija related that the angels are constantly waiting for Our Lady to give them a special mission and that this is considered as a supreme privilege for them to be able to serve Our Lady in Her plans. What the fund drive is about is asking you to step forward to have the privilege of serving Our Lady for it was She who said:


June, 1981

“I invite you. I need you. I chose you. You are important.”


We cannot continue dragging out a funding campaign. We also will not continue if we do not raise the funds necessary to operate The following answers by A Friend of Medjugorje are very important to read fully. It will give you much greater understanding of what lies ahead for you and us to be ready. Please, do all you can to help build 4,000 core group members giving 14 cents per day to allow to continue. Thank you. Pray to the Holy Spirit before you read the following and it will enlighten you differently than if you did not.


I fail to see how it would cost $208,000 to keep your website up and current for one year. I might strongly suggest you seek alternative bids.
I oversee the website for the company I work for, a much larger organization than Caritas and it does not cost us even half as much as you indicate it costs Caritas.

Villa Hills, KY



Thank you for your suggestion. Covering your suggestion of alternative bids, as well as your other questions, we write to help you understand our budget and to give you a better picture of what is and what is behind it. Caritas’ Medjugorje web site is very extensive in what presently exists in the maintaining and continuation of the site, as well as what is being built for the future. We do not contract the site out to be built by someone else because no one could do what we do, work the hours we work, and end up with the same results. This cannot be done by bidding our site out to companies who create and maintain websites, even extensive sites. Our people are in-house community members who have become experts with web design, generating user friendly functions and many other related technical scripts and codes, etc. We have learned, through prayer and living Our Lady’s messages, that we can achieve everything when based in love. Hiring people, even if they are experts, who do not know Medjugorje or understand Medjugorje, could never work. Medjugorje is a matter of the heart and conversions. It is necessary to have a heart that understands conversion to receive the inspiration necessary to create and make a site which could be so intimate as to, with God’s grace, turn around a soul and nurture that soul’s conversion on a continual basis. Without this, would be a dry site of information only, without life.


Apparition Mountain in Medjugorje

On this mountain, one day, there will be a wondrous site, a miraculous sign from Heaven left there to prove that the apparitions of Our Lady were truly sent from God. When that miracle happens, millions and possibly billions of people will be clamoring to find out everything they can about Medjugorje. Now is the time to become ready for that moment. If we wait for the secrets to happen, we will find that we were too late, as Our Lady said:

Spring, 1983

“…Do not await the sign which has been announced for those who do not believe; it will be too late...”

And as Our Lady just said on April 2, 2010: “Be ready.”

We do have some paid in-house experts working in union with us, shoulder to shoulder, who are among the leading internet specialists in the world. One works for the Department of Defense. Another was the project director for Digitas, Europe’s largest online marketing agency, and the largest in the world, who managed 15 project managers working on the biggest internet projects in the world. Several of our Community members already perform expert quality work. You do not get this kind of caliber of help coming together for the work we do except by God sending them to you. Caritas’ team is unique, and one that understands websites can see why many in the Medjugorje movement are changing their sites, imitating, which is a positive for the whole movement. This site is origined in-house and is sustained through the prayers and fasting of the Community of Caritas. The evidence can be seen throughout the site. There are 4-8 people working on development, with five or so others in supportive positions. In addition, within the Community of Caritas are pooled many different capabilities among 25-30 more people that are sometimes drawn upon for One may think, how can a website need 30-40 people?


The launching of the new, on June 1, 2009, took the whole Caritas Community’s efforts for research, development and reconstructing the site. For three months, the site had 15 people full time. The month before it was launched, 25-30 people worked around the clock, not even going home to eat, having meals brought in to keep on schedule. Seeing it launched, one supporter wrote in saying he is an expert and works for a company in the development of sites. He said it would have taken his company eighteen months to do what Caritas did in three, and it still would not compare in the final site as well as came out.


Presently we have people in three locations working for the site. Some are in Medjugorje, others are staffing our Mother house, our home base, called the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. At this time of year, there are six community members who have been working an intense schedule for 2 Ω months in an isolated and secluded place without distractions to implement and conceive what is needed for the present coming year, as well as in the future. These six full-time people are working a schedule of 7:00 a.m. until 10:00p.m. – 12:00 a.m., six days a week. Morning prayer is 5:00 – 6:00 a.m. They also stop for the Apparition Rosary during the day and end the day with prayer. We maintain our 2 Ω to 3 hour prayer schedule. That is 15 to 17 hours of work a day, plus prayer times, inside and outside our daily work times.

We recently released a new development for iPhones, Blackberries, Google phones, etc. that has been in the works for months.’s new release is so extensive that CNN News does not match the functional use for iPhones or other similar types of phones in what was launched with this latest development on, with much more to come. It will make Our Lady’s messages more available and spread further into avenues where people use these technologies.

Community of Caritas Mission House in Medjugorje

Established in the summer of 1996, the Caritas Mission House, operated by the Caritas Community members, has had its doors opened to pilgrims from around the world for nearly 15 years. It is known as “The Message Place” by many pilgrims who return to Medjugorje year after year, and who like to go to the Mission House to stock up on many free booklets and other material to spread to family and friends when they return back home. Though the booklets are “free” to everyone who comes into the Mission House, Caritas has a small group of friends who have financially supported the Mission House for years. They provide the funds necessary to reprint materials that are out of stock, develop new ways to spread Our Lady’s messages, and cover the costs to ship materials overseas. In 2009, community members handed out over 100,000 message cards—special gold-embossed keepsake cards with Our Lady’s latest messages printed on them given as a free gift to every pilgrim who visits the Mission House. Again, this is made possible by the Mission House supporters.

With the Mission House and Caritas Community members present in Medjugorje ten months out of the year, has been the recipient of many blessings from having community members present at the apparitions, Holy Masses, and documenting and taking pictures all around the village.

After nine months, a very advanced search development for the Medjugorje messages, using Words From Heaven, is nearing completion. We have pre-released a Beta test version to Core Group Members, and when all the bugs are worked out, it will be released to all to be used free by everyone. The main character feature of this advanced search is its ability to “think” in finding Our Lady’s message for you. In other words, our research shows that there are many searches throughout the year seeking words Our Lady of Medjugorje never said in Her messages. For example, our research has shown many people have searched to find if Our Lady of Medjugorje ever used the word “depression.” Searching for this word, one will find Our Lady never used it, yet Our Lady has said several things related to depression. The new search will think and look where to find any related messages. This will be a great help to not only individual people who want to learn more about Our Lady’s messages and for the messages to council them in their crisis, but also it will continue to help those who write, who research the messages, news outlets, Church authorities, etc. who are using it now. This will be a very useful tool to help with the dissemination of the messages of Medjugorje. It will result in the spreading and inculturalization of Our Lady’s messages, which She has asked for. Our Lady of Medjugorje said on January 10, 1985:


“…I want you to spread my messages…”


While hundreds of man hours were required to develop the prototype now pre-released, there will be ongoing development requiring daily attention and often dedicated manpower to maintain the advanced word search on a continuous basis.


Another advancement recently developed for was a widget or gadget to put on your computer desktop, making it easy to scan or watch throughout the day for any new developments concerning Our Lady’s apparitions, messages, etc. A user writes:


“In this Time of Grace,” the NOW-Present, finally clicked in my head. Our Lady speaks in the immediate moment of living – not yesterday or tomorrow. The day to day updates (widget) is such a blessing to all world-wide.

Lorraine, Delaware


Another wrote:

Dear Friend,

Let me say first that the Gadget idea is awesome. The first time I heard about Medjugorje and that Our Lady appears there was about three weeks ago through an email with some pictures and the word Medjugorje. So I searched on the internet to see what Medjugorje is. I was lucky enough to find your website on Google and since then, it is my main reason I turn on my pc. Thank you so much for what you do. Your website changed my life.

Rita, Canada


There are many new things being conceived and developed, some are in different stages of development, and some are nearing completion. All this is being done to build an infrastructure, not only for the present, but also in an advanced way for the release of the secrets when great hordes of people across the earth will want information. If that infrastructure is not planned for now, is not developed now, how will the information be distributed later? Is anybody thinking about this enough to be physically addressing anticipated needs, problems of distribution, avenues of distribution for educating and informing the newly converted, enlightening former non-believers, feeding the world media information, culturalizing Our Lady’s plans into everyday life when the secrets of Medjugorje will surely, at a point in time, tsunami across the world? The whole thrust of the mission of Caritas is thinking about it. Every move and plan we make in cooperation with this driving action to be ready. The needs go on and on, too numerous to mention, with all the countless variables that must be accounted for. We are doing this. When the secrets begin to happen, feeding the converted, enlightening them to keep their conversion, educating them to nurture their conversion, all of this is not going to just happen because a great miraculous sign appears on the mountain in Medjugorje. Vicka was interviewed on January 2, 2008 by Fr. Livio of Radio Maria. She said in regards to our responsibility to those skeptics and non-believers who will see the Great Sign:


“It is up to us how to be ready to respond to the sign.”

This letter was written by a Friend of Medjugorje on Holy Thursday. Three or four times in this letter, he wrote “Be ready.” The next day was April 2nd and Our Lady gave Mirjana the April 2, 2010 message where Our Lady said:

“…Be ready, my children…”

It was a great joy and confirmation to see Our Lady’s words the following day, confirming what a Friend of Medjugorje had written the day before.

Time now is for conversion and prayer, and that should break us loose from being paralyzed. Instead of following the erred ways of the culture, we should instead be motivated to prepare for the onslaught of those who will be seeking to learn about Our Lady’s way of life. Who’s preparing? We can say, through much thought and prayer and work in our mission, that we are, and is only one of many aspects of our mission that we are advancing. We continuously pray and think about what we can do to ready the mission for this time, because Vicka also said many who are far from God will still have trouble believing even when they see the Great Sign, and it will be up to us to give them the reason for the sign and words why they should believe. In the same interview of January 2, 2008, Vicka said in regards to the many who will balk:


“This (sign) arrives in such a way that they won’t have any words to say what it is.”


That is why Vicka stated, “It is up to us how to be ready.’ The numbers we must be preparing for are not hundreds of thousands, not even hundreds of millions, but into a goodly portion of the 6 billion who walk the earth. If you think this is an exaggeration, then you do not understand Medjugorje, Our Lady, nor Her plans. If you do not think this is an exaggeration, then you, along with us at Caritas, still understand the greatness of Her coming only to a very small degree. We cannot comprehend its magnitude. Only history will one day begin to penetrate its breadth and depth. While we understand Medjugorje, Our Lady and Her plans very little at Caritas, it is at least enough that we realize we must do everything we can do today. We must imagine all the things that could be done today, encompassing every issue of life, through prayer and work – what we can do today to be ready. Vicka said in the same interview by Radio Maria:


“The Madonna says everything that you can do today, do today.”


Radio Wave Studio at Caritas
This state-of-the-art sound studio was built into The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. The beautiful woodwork, from the Caritas Community's own trees and sawmill, and much of the construction of the room was accomplished through the work and labor of the men of the Caritas community. As the Community's labor is offered free to the mission, it costs very little to create beautiful work environments that help to inspire their work for Our Lady. The statue of Our Lady that graces the sound room has been in multiple apparitions with Medjugorje visionary Marija.

The picture that hangs on the wall as one enters the sound room actually came from an old holy card a community member found after the radio program was named. The graphics department enlarged the holy card image and added the name, Radio Wave, at the bottom—a “picture-perfect” emblem for one of Caritas’ newest outreaches in bringing Our Lady’s messages into the world. It shows Our Lady standing on a wave.

Radio WAVE Studio at Caritas

And while we are doing everything we can do today, we still will not be ready. So much needs to be done.

Now one can begin to understand that a $208,000 budget is actually a laughable budget to approach such an event that will be noted among the greatest events in world history, affecting billions of people in a profound way. One 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl costs $2.6 million, and its purpose is to motivate people to buy or use a product or service. We are budgeting only $208,000 to help the world to change! With the money of only one Super Bowl commercial, Lord only knows what could be done for His purposes. Everyone understands and justifies the world’s use for one such commercial, but then some judge that $208,000 is too much for Our Lady’s plans for the world’s salvation?! With such a mentality, one thinks way too small of how big the scope and breath of Medjugorje’s impact will be.

Even with what has already been said, there is still more to say to understand how this very small budget will result in the power, through God’s grace, and only by God’s grace, to be like little David against Goliath. Our Lady said on January 25, 1987:


“…You are not able to comprehend how great your role is in God’s design…”


The fact that by first living Our Lady’s messages we are not able to comprehend how big an impact we all can have, this in itself should then be a main motivating factor in anticipating the physical needs of propagating Our Lady to the multitudes in the future, as much as we can in every way. Both in spiritual and physical action, we will not be able to comprehend how great our role is in God’s design. By your witness and your support and our life’s work, everything that we can do today, we must do today. But we must do all with the mentality that we do not fully comprehend what the magnitude of this preparation will result in or what affect it will have. We, therefore, must think bigger than what we presently understand, and plan beyond what we perceive at this moment. A great spiritual revival of all the earth.


At the time of the ten day warning, just before the first secret is announced, it will not be possible to build such an infrastructure to distribute information. A $600 website would crash. A $600,000 website would crash. We, at Caritas, are building into the future. What you see on our site today was planned for years ago, just as tomorrow’s technology and development was conceived and developed in the not too distant past. We operate by the same reasonable common sense principles. Our Lady has never spoken about how Jesus was so educated and smart, as if He had college degrees, rather Our Lady said that God’s Word, Who is Jesus Christ, the Word made Flesh, Jesus is the Light of common sense.


December 2, 2007

“…God's Word (Jesus)…is the light of common sense…”


Jesus is the light to imitate in practical, simple common sense. Common sense is lost today by many who no longer possess it because they do not understand nor possess Jesus. Common sense tells us what to do to be prepared. First, live the messages. Then spread the messages with our witness. Then, and only then, propagate the messages in all forms and avenues we are inspired to do. is one of those forms whose harvest, just since its launch on June 1, 2009, many have said they have come to live the messages.


Recording Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping

Radio Wave,’s radio programming, in which A Friend of Medjugorje shares his understanding of Our Lady’s messages each month on the 2nd and 25th, opened new possibilities of productions that would like to expand in the near future. From new weekly shows, like Mejanomics, to radio theater productions, and special shows on specific topics, there is much that this area of could expand into that would bring much excitement and fruit in spreading Our Lady’s messages. Professional voices were brought into the Radio Waveproductions and commercials, recording them in the Radio Wave studio. Here, one such professional, from Arizona, is recording in the Radio Wave studio, the book Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, which is being considered for release soon as a download on

When the secrets begin, you will not be able to get the information you are seeking if the infrastructure has not been developed, or if the pipeline to handle the influx of many throughout the world has not been prepared. Creating the infrastructure is what we can “do today.” Our capability and the efforts being made today will assure will go much more beyond your company’s capabilities and efforts, even if Caritas is half the size. To be fully ready, we are researching, developing and implementing what the world’s largest corporations are doing. We are talking about Google, You-Tube, E-Bay, Amazon, AOL, mega news organizations, among many others. Because Medjugorje is the biggest news of the future, we have looked at our capabilities to see what to do today to achieve and match their influx of inquires. The question begs to be asked: What are we going to do when the first secret is released and hundreds of millions want this life grace of information before the second secret is released? The answer – this information will not be there. In reality, after the first secret is released, billions will want this information, because everyone on the face of the earth will be spiritually and physically affected by the event. The infrastructure in safeguarding for such a time as the release of the secrets is very expensive, very technical, is very extensive, and involves thousands of man hours to develop. It will not be achieved ten days before the secrets are released, nor even months before, but rather it is years in the making. You will want it there, along with everyone else who will go to the light switch to turn it on, and nothing happens but a blown fuse. Changing the fuse will only result in blowing another and another. You can apply this example to the internet in the same way. Heavy duty wiring and heavy duty fixtures are required where super industrial usage must be met.


The internet may be free for the user, but why is Google’s budget $17.2 billion? This means companies or websites who provide services like Google have expenses to provide their services. is on the same side of the fence as Google and others because we provide a service. For the most part, what the user uses is paid for by those who built and maintain the site. As a free service, the more a site offers free usage, the more the expense. Google raises revenues by selling ads to companies. We must raise revenues by donations. Remember, nothing is free. Somebody, somewhere is paying, yet our goal is that be provided free to the world. That, however, does not mean it is free. The core group are the ones we are asking 14¢ a day to provide free to countless numbers now and in the future. And our simple plan is 4000 people signing up can do that.


We have prayerfully studied how to reach as many people as possible, as quickly as possible and the cost of that. To help further answer your statement about’s budget, we share with you research we did on the biggest day the internet had in terms of the number of people on the internet at one time in its history. The date was June 25, 2009, the 27th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Medjugorje. On that day, the internet almost crashed and died worldwide because so many millions went online. Was it for Our Lady? No, on this June 25th, it was the opposite. A fallen idol, who was worshipped by his followers, Michael Jackson, died. While he was nothing of what Our Lady is, it is ironic that he died on the 27th Anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions, perhaps telling of satan’s desire to always take from Our Lady. While we are not judging his soul, we are judging the bad fruit of an idolized life. Her secrets will change the world, and we, as Her children, will implement Her plans as witnesses to Her messages and holiness. With prayer support, the infrastructure therefore, is key to distribution. We have studied and ran comparable tests, analyzing what happened June 25, 2009, with what will happen with the secrets in the greatest moment of evangelization the world has ever seen, and we believe the secrets will be much bigger than the idolatry given to a mere man. But, what if, let’s just say, it’s the same numbers who try to get information when the first secret is released, who sought information on the web the day Michael Jackson died? The minimum cost to build the infrastructure and be equipped to handle what happened last year with Michael Jackson’s death, along with having the pipeline, the numbers of servers around the world for that kind of response to feed the people the events and messages to those new souls hungering for Our Lady’s graces will be easily $55,000 to $100,000, and possibly much more! That figure is $55,000 to $100,000 per month. And that, very likely, will go on for several months. But first, you must already have, standing ready, the “wiring and fixtures” in order to turn the switch on. Having the infrastructure and system in place is just one part of the long term aspect of our plans for this year’s 2010 budget year. The cost to achieve this is into the tens of thousands of dollars. In other words, if you had a whole house wired for a main 200 amp fuse breaker, and you put in a 30 amp main breaker and turned on a single light, it would turn on. But turn on the refrigerator and a few more lights, and you will blow the small 30 amp fuse breaker. No matter what you do, it will not work. The 30 amp breaker does not have the capacity to handle the additional amps without failing. Likewise, put a 200 amp breaker in with electrical wiring for only a 20 amp breaker, and it will melt the wire and burn the house down. Millions upon millions of people going online will do the same thing because they cannot be sustained if the piping to the internet (like the example of wiring) is not large enough to handle the flow (as the example of too much current for the breaker and wire). That infrastructure is part of our $208,000 budget but not nearly enough for what will be necessary for the future.


Also has its own sound studio. If we did not have this, our productions can cost hundreds of dollars per hour. This, again, is a big asset to keep cost down and be good stewards of the donations entrusted to this mission. The studio is home to the Radio Wave Broadcasts for ‘W’orldwide ‘AVE’. Hence, we call it Radio Wave. Professional voices are often used in the creation of special projects and commercials for Medjugorje promotion. There are a host of other productions waiting in the wings for the future. One example of its reach was shown to us on a recent Radio Wave show where Iran had 500 listeners streaming one program in regard to Our Lady’s messages. We never expected that. Obviously people in China or any country with a dictatorship could never pay anything without it being traced back to them, but it is important to know that each and every person who listens to Radio Wave costs a broadcast fee. It is free to the user, but not to Yet, persecuted Christians, such as those in China and Iran, depend upon this being free.


The Tabernacle of Our Lady's Messages

This is the Motherhouse of the mission of Caritas of Birmingham. Within it are three floors making up 50,000 square feet—100 percent of the building is for Our Lady, Her plans and the propagation of Her messages. has the great advantage of having at its disposal all that is within Our Lady’s Tabernacle to expand and build the website: computer and graphic equipment, audio sound room, years of research materials, archived documents, recorded interviews of those involved in the Medjugorje movement, and a whole workforce of the Caritas community members enthusiastic about utilizing whatever means possible to further Our Lady’s plans.

If you knew how much goes on behind the scenes in putting together and maintaining, no one would question the cost. In fact, no one could operate at this level on a website with such a small budget. Why? We have Caritas community members in Medjugorje. There are travel expenses, fully equipped offices in Medjugorje and the use of the Caritas Mission House, and Community houses in Medjugorje for community members. The Motherhouse in Alabama provides office space, equipment, computers, photograph equipment, etc. There are many other “frees” provided to by Caritas of Birmingham and the Community of Caritas’ efforts, both through the Motherhouse in Alabama and the Caritas Mission in Medjugorje.

A friend of the Caritas Mission, Focus on the Family, a much larger organization than Caritas, has an official website with a budget of $4.5 million dollars. If Caritas had to pay what it would take to build and operate, the budget would be $1,217,984.00. Yes, we actually figured what it would cost to hire and operate at this level, taking into account development and data, graphic designing, networking, administration, broadcasting technology, production sound studio, etc. Yet, with a budget of $208,000, we plan to do today what we can do today. Compare’s $208,000 budget to Focus on the Family’s budget. Again, though a much larger organization than Caritas, we can say with confidence that, because of future events, case in point,’s impact on the world will be a thousand, thousand times greater than Focus on the Family’s impact on the world with its $4.5 million dollar budget for its website. So, in regard to your sincere question that your company is much larger than Caritas with only the budget, we can say with confidence your company’s website will not do what, with God’s grace, will do a million times more for all the people of the earth.


Lastly, most sites, including many Medjugorje sites, repeat existing information or copy from someone else’s as a source. Caritas of Birmingham, the Community of Caritas, and generates most of its own content, graphics, photographs, research, visionaries’ and priests’ transcripts, etc. This is very laborious, time consuming, and involved. But as a source of information, it will be used for the future for untold insights into Medjugorje, not documented anywhere else. Two hundred eight thousand dollars is insignificant for this kind of magnitude of a window to the future and for the Church.


Medjugorje visionary Vicka

Medjugorje visionary, Vicka, gave insights into the time of the release of the secrets in past interviews. Her words should not be taken lightly, but when she says everything we can do today, do today, we must act on those words.

A final note: it is very important to understand that what most see in appearance is that is just a little screen. What makes it grace-filled and a conversion tool is what’s behind it. Prayer for its users, novenas for its users, fasting and special sacrifices for its users and, in addition to prayer support, a lot more unseen direct and indirect costs. is a live operation by Caritas of Birmingham, operated by the Community of Caritas. It is difficult to convey, but for those who visit Caritas, they are able to see much more than a little screen, and they leave with a different idea and understanding of what Caritas’ Mission,, and all its other branches are all about. We receive hundreds, even thousands of letters per week testifying to what Caritas is, such as the following letter we pulled, dated Saturday, March 27, 2010, as a recent example.


Blessings Dear Caritas Mission and Community,

I am deeply, deeply grateful for your tremendous love during our recent visit to Caritas of Birmingham. We miss you ALL already!! From the very moment we set foot on Our Lady Queen of Peace Drive we were blessed. Being greeted with open arms, your time, your love, the peace, sharing, praying and being accepted as community ourselves was an honor. We received the “Gift of Love’ as it was flowing from each community member. Caritas of Birmingham is an experience, not a location. It is difficult to impart to others, as it is not explainable and shared as in taking a vacation. The graces received from spending two days with your mission and community is immeasurable. Immeasurable – as the grace doesn’t cease to flow once we leave. The grace flows for life and continues to expand and grow. To walk on sacred ground blessed by Our Lady is indeed Heavenly. The smallest grain of response toward Our Lady multiplies in degrees that we are not worthy or deserving of, but it is accepted with great humility. As others have said, “thanks” hardly expresses our appreciation. Of course, you are doing the work of Our Lady through your mission, but that does not diminish the knowledge of all the prayer and sacrifice that is involved. Thank you for you being the “template” of how to live in the future, how to prepare our lives, our families and our souls for our “New Era.” You are in our daily prayers. We cannot comprehend all that Our Lady has told us nor of God’s plans. Others cannot comprehend your own missionary work and your community. I pray that anyone that is on the edge of donating or visiting, will respond to that call. It is life changing. “Hi” to everyone – you remain in our hearts!

With Love,
M&L P.
Okemos, Michigan 


When the Medjugorje secrets begin to be released, many conversions will depend on those initial impulses to search out those who can bring understanding to the world events that come about through them and the graces available. It, therefore, is of immediate urging that we prepare now and continue to do so in the coming time, until the secrets begin to unfold and for the duration the internet lasts. While not everyone has internet, almost everyone knows someone or has some access, such as a library, school, etc., to get information. We are not na√Øve. Therefore, we do not have confidence the internet will stay with us through all the secrets. But, for whatever time we do have, it will be of tremendous importance and worthwhile in reaching out to all people around the world. As Vicka said, Our Lady said everything you can do today, do today. Today we are reaching people, and they are converting through Caritas’ printing presses, the Mission House, the community’s witness, pilgrimages, billboard campaigns, productions, talks, Radio Wave, and through many other avenues of Caritas’ ministry and the community’s missionary work too numerous to mention. And! Because this is working for conversions today, why do we not invest just as much effort into now, today while it works? That is what Our Lady is saying, do not procrastinate. Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today to be ready!


Today, we ask for 14¢ a day to fund for the year. Just a small amount of reasoning will give you the answer of whether this mission is worthy of your support or not. Never in history have we been given an opportunity to do something so little (14¢) compared to how big the impact can be worldwide.



The following is the budget broken down:’s 2010 Budget

Backup Satellite
T-1 Lines


Tech Support
Professional Services
Other Professional Fees


The following budget items are lumped together because when actual costs for certain items turn out to be higher than expected, we must cut budgeted amounts from other items to make up the differences so as not to exceed the overall budget for 2010 and the first part of 2011.

Mejlist servers
System hosting
Other backup hosting packages
Mej-mart maintenance dedicated servers
Database management
Radio WAVE music royalties
Music production and composing
Operation of Radio WAVE studios
Podcasting maintenance
Domain services
Secure online transaction fees
Security certificates
Broadcast streaming fees
Equipment upgrades
Equipment maintenance
Infrastructure for the future


Promotion Advertisement – This is responsible for introducing to many new people who otherwise would never hear of Medjugorje. Areas such as:

And other subjects that introduce and bring all cultures of people to Our Lady through their crisis.

Audio Productions and Promotions of Medjugorje
Prayer events promotions
Medjugorje pilgrimage promotions


G & A (General Administration)

$3,000.00 Crew working behind the scenes

A small group of Caritas Community members packed up computers, printers, office supplies, audio equipment and research materials and went to a private location to work on away from all distractions of the mission for nearly two months. This isolated location, a prayerful environment, provides a “think tank” where they can focus solely on the development of, making it into a stronger tool for Our Lady to bring about the conversion of souls. Along with the equipment, they brought Our Lady with them as well, in the statue that continually reminds them who they are working for.

Reading the above, one may discover Caritas’ has more behind it than what can be seen on a computer screen and is more advanced than you may have known. Keep in mind, we are working on many other developments. It is too involved, too technical, too much energy and time to explain, and some of it is confidential until released. We have never blown trumpets of what we “are going to do.” We prefer you to experience what ‘it is’ we do. For almost 25 years, Caritas is known for good stewardship as a non-profit 501(c)3. For those who have walked with Caritas, grown with Caritas, confidence has grown that their prayers and donations are an investment into conversion, rebounding back to them and their loved ones, and for them there is not even a questioning of our request for help. The cooperation between the Community and mission of Caritas, with the many who have become our prayer and financial partners over the years, has resulted and manifested in what Caritas has become: a tool for conversion, utilizing everything from books and booklets numbering into the millions, that lead to and support conversions, to original programming productions such as “Between Heaven and Earth” given away into the hundreds of thousands, to spiritual events, hosted on our grounds in Alabama, to keeping you connected to Medjugorje through pilgrimages, or taking your heart there through, to billboards that introduce souls to Our Lady while driving down the highway, who see Our Lady’s face and and can then find the information to introduce them to Our Lady’s plans through Medjugorje, and on and on. Though this is lengthy, it is only a small portion of what could be written. It is, however, more than enough to answer the question and give discernment as to Caritas’ work and intentions to serve Our Lady with all our hearts, out of love for Her. St. Louis De Montfort once said, because of his infidelities in constantly failing Our Lady, that he was spending his life to make Her known to as many millions of people as he could. We, as sinners, wish the same. We know machines, technology, and all the tools in the world are worthless to Our Lady if our hearts do not first desire holiness and Her messages. So, in consecration to Her and to Her Son Jesus, we give ourselves and you to Her as Her instruments. Thank you.


In the Love of Our Lady,

Friend of Medjugojre


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