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Medjugorje Cross in the Sky


Just moments after Mirjana’s apparition of Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje on November 2, 2009 at the Blue Cross, the thousands of pilgrims present looked up to see this cross directly above Cross Mountain. Many of the pilgrims were touched, seeing this as a sign from God, directly after hearing Our Lady’s words calling us back to God the Father.


Steven k. kutai
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
That's awesome. In any case, in spite of some articles trying to put doubts on the authenticity of the presence of Our Lady in Medjugorje, I do believe in my heart of heart that She's really in Medjugorje to speak to us, earthlings.
Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles
that is whi God is with the holy mother at that moment
Wilmington, Delaware - USA
I belive. Heaven's messages are all around us every minute of everyday. Like a child egar to see touch hear the world we too can see hear and touch Heaven if we know the places open to us. The Cross in the Sky is a gift wether first sight or picture its real and transsends all time and space. I Believe in GOD the Father the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth. Thank you
Naperville, Illinois - USA
To see this cross in the blue sky, should always remind us of what all of us at times have to do, carry our own personal cross. And to remember that Jesus did too! Lord help us to carry our cross, when it gets to be to much!
Toronto, Canada
I Love our Eternal Father , The Blessed Mother and Our Lord and Saviour Jesus. I am so Thankfull for Our Blessed Mother and for Our Visionaries spreading Gods Message to the Word. I have been blessed with many graces through prayer and even blessed further when I started praying the Rosary. I wear Metals, a Cross and Our Blessed Mothers Brown Scapular. I was lead to Her within my heart. She lead me to Medjugorjes website & even blessed further to be able to hear Our Blessed Lady. Thank you.
Marie al youssef
Aleppo Syria, Canada
thank you jesus and our lady for this sign ..what we are waiting to believe ..
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania - USA
Our Lord Jesus Christ and Mama Mary are so merciful and so loving, they are giving us all the chances to change, all we have to do is to obey and go back to the God.THank you very much LOrd Jesus Christ and Mama Mary!
St. Paul, USA
My husband & I were at the apparition of Mirjana on the 2nd--seeing the cross in the sky was just one more affirmation that Mary is here for all of us!!
Freehold, USA
We are so blessed in this time of grace. We must hold on to this moment and remember in our hearts the love and kindness of our Father. We humbly pray for his forgiveness and fall on our knees in complete humility. Humility is the only way to heaven it is his way into our hearts which superceeds all understanding.
Arlington, Virginia - USA
I asked Our Lord Jesus to show me a sign in the clouds when I was walking home from Mass the other day, as a sign that Our Lady would be victorious over Satan in the issue of abortion in this nation. I looked up and in a clear blue sky was an enormous V shaped cloud formation - PRAISED BE JESUS CHRIST! V for VICTORY! AVE MARIA!
Patterson, USA
WOW! God is trying to speak to us. I think even more Our Lady's presence is a big sign.