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A new menu button, “Church Approval”, and sub-buttons under this category will be released in the next few weeks on Scanning and researching twenty-eight years of apparitions, two-years in compiling, it is a most extensive collection of information in regard to Church approval. It includes both the spiritual and human reasons for the Church not yet approving Medjugorje, as well as the obstacles that have happened which prevents approval to this point.

The following is a quote written by one of the Community of Caritas members, followed by a quote of a Friend of Medjugorje from one section of Church Approval.

I can’t help but think of our founder’s words (a Friend of Medjugorje) that he has often said to those who were anxious about Medjugorje being approved by the Church.

“How can Medjugorje be condemned? Seminaries around the world are filled with those who received their vocation through Medjugorje. Daily Mass communicants and Adoration Chapels are filled by those who were touched by the grace of Medjugorje. Who belonged to prayer groups before Medjugorje, until Our Lady Herself requested prayer groups to start? To deny Medjugorje, to condemn Medjugorje, the Church would have to deny and condemn millions of vocations, conversions, healings, the return to the faith of multitudes of people around the world. Medjugorje is everywhere in the Church. Its influence can be seen everywhere.”

In the next few weeks, the “Church Approval” section on will be added to the menu. It is the answer for those who want an answer. For those who do not want an answer, even the final verdict of the Church’s approval will not be an answer. For after approval they will say the Church does not require belief in the apparitions of Medjugorje for one’s salvation. So, for some, there will never be an answer.

Final proofing of Church Approval as a menu item will continue for a few more weeks. This extensive project is only one of many projects that are actively being developed for, thanks to our Core Group Members’ help and a foundational group of Caritas, called Field Angels. Their support, both financially and spiritually, are helping bring the expansion of about, making this vital information available to all for free.


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