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The “This is My Time” billboard is a long term spiritual project. Why? Because Jesus said be fishers of men. This is My Time catches a lot of fish, as the following letter shows:

September 19, 2010

I have been following the events in Medjugorje for well over a year after reading Wayne Weible’s book. I love following your website and often see the billboards “This is My Time” all over Wilmington, Delaware. I have tried unsuccessfully to find a Mej group or Rosary prayer group here, in order to have support in keeping with Our Lady’s messages. I thought maybe, whoever is buying so many billboard spaces here in Delaware would be a good place to start. I know this information is probably personal and can’t be shared – but is there any assistance you could give me to direct me – even to a church perhaps in our area that might be funding these to contact? I’m not sure what other direction to go. I am actually a Presbyterian now looking for a Catholic Church to convert – there are sure a lot of them to choose from in Northern Delaware!! Not sure how to begin that process either although some of Catholic friends (none of which have heard of Mej by the way!) are taking me with them to visit their churches. Hoping to find the one that most closely mirrors Our Blessed Mother’s and Jesus’ directions. Thank you for your time.

Newark, DE


When one sees a “This is My Time” billboard, it is not like seeing another billboard. There is a grace attached for each individual, if they are open to the grace, to convert through just a glance at it. Couple it with an extensive website with a simple name, ‘’, that can easily be remembered passing by at 70 mph, and you have a perfect tool of which Our Lady can dispense grace. More icing on the cake, a whole mission devoted to supplying free materials through booklets, books, CDs, on Our Lady’s new way of life in a new time, and you have a perfect ‘infrastructure’ for Our Lady’s messages to be dispensed. To fund the Caritas billboard program, is to fund conversion. A billboard can be sponsored for $100.00. Get friends and cover your state. There is someone out there searching for Our Lady, and they do not know it until you introduce Her to them.

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