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For Immediate Release
January 20, 2020 A.D.

(Caritas of Birmingham, Alabama) – Join us for a Special World Report with a Friend of Medjugorje, airing on Thursday, January 23, 2020, at 8 PM Central Time USA. In this special broadcast for the year, 2020, a Friend of Medjugorje shares about:

The Coming Crash

1989: San Francisco has an earthquake. Fire is everywhere. The San Francisco Bridge collapses.

A man warns the crowd:

“Store water. Prepare for aftershocks. Prepare for three days of no services. You’ve got 90 minutes of light left. You better make use of your time. Standing here ain’t doing nothing.”

Will you be just standing around?

Are you making changes now? You will think twice after listening.

The Coming Crash

Spread this to all your family and friends, to all your prayer group members and co-workers. This broadcast affects you and them. Airing this Thursday, January 23, 2020, at 8 PM Central Time USA. Listen live online here…
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