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Cold in Medjugorje

People bundled up at mass June 22, 2010. These days leading to the anniversary in Medjugorje have surprised everyone. Visionary Marija herself said she didn’t know she would need winter clothes for her children! Signs of the time are perhaps a little supernatural contradiction to global warming advocates who say the world is going to end. The world’s damage is sin. It is through righteousness and holiness that the world stays balanced with full capacity of nature healing itself as God designed it. Nature defends God. Man defends himself through holiness.

Cold in Medjugorje

Notice the passage of the unusual 'Hole' in the clouds in which you can see the background sky. The clouds during the June 22, 2010 mass had a mystical look thoughout the mass. The clouds in Medjugorje are like no where else in the world. The stars here literally twinkle, often very visibly. Nature stands ready to speak, strike or console according to the way we live.


In the land of supernatural voice
not only Our Lady but nature as well,

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