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With June 24 only two days away, many are expressing their excitement of the worldwide release of the Latest New Medjugorje book , It Ain’t Gonna Happen: A Return to Truth, by A Friend of Medjugorje.

“It is great to know there is more written on this subject, I will purchase and pass it on to others. Thank you for your work. “

N.D. – Sterling, Alaska

“I look forward to this latest publication and can't wait to purchase my copy. I know from past experience there will be many nuggets of useful information to help us in these trying times.”

Greenfield, Massachussetts

“I can't wait to order this book..... sounds like some good information to have. Thanks for posting this important message for all of us. God Bless you all.”

D.L. – U.S.A.

“Delighted to hear of new book coming out soon as we need a lot of guidance in these hard times worldwide.”

C.O. – Co. Claire, Ireland

The newest Medjugorje book is a compelling look at the current economic order, what life will be like in the future, and what Our Lady says, and what we need to concretely do to make changes to prepare for the future. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 7:

“Evil is driven by the love of money. Money is exchanged for ‘things’. So in reality, the lust for things is rooted to money that buys it. But again, it is not to money itself, but to the desire for money. Money can also be the root to grow a tree that good fruit blooms from. It is why Our Lady said:

January 25, 2009

“…for all worldly things to be a help for you to draw closer to God the Creator…”

Since Scripture states that “love” of money is the root of all evils, as we, today, are living in an evil age, it behooves us to look more closely at the system of exchange in our world today, which is the purpose for which money exists…” – Page 62

It Ain’t Gonna Happen, is the first book to view the present economic state through the messages of Our Lady. The book covers topics such as personal spiritual devotion, stock investments, paper currency, and has some new never before released revelations that will surprise you. Below is an excerpt from Chapter 10:

“…When you apply the Christian principles of living in moderation, apply Our Lady’s messages, God will guide you, as a provider, meeting and exceeding your needs.

Remember, your inordinate wants make you poor. Also, an entitlement mentality will lead to poverty. Many think they are poor. One is only poor when one lacks what is necessary to live. Many who believe they are poor are really enslaved by the culture of debt. You can break these shackles…” Page 92

It Ain’t Gonna Happen: A Return to Truth, which releases worldwide June 24, will be available, as a printed book, and as a download, from the Mej-Mart.

The book will sell for $15.00. However, as a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE, in order to get as many copies into as many hands as possible, we are introducing the book at only $7.00, with the download at $3.00!

Sylvia ruth a. relleve
Paranaque, Manila, Philippines
Thanks God! This is just right time for me. Am very much interested to have a copy. Please advise how I can get one for me.
Houston ,texas, Texas - USA
i want to read this!
Hessmer, Louisiana - USA
What a joy, a book that leads us back to God's teachings of a life that is filled with blessings and peace; and to be released on St. John the Baptist's day has even more meaning. Thank you and God Bless, Susan
Paige Maddox
Cypress, Tx, USA
I agree! Love of money (things) is keeping us enslaved. I'm very interested in reading this book! How do we get a copy?!
Gerard Mc Donagh
Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
There has been so much talk about this book that i wouldn't mind reading it, and at the introductory price of $7.00 it has to be good value. How do i get my copy. Regards Gerard
Gallatin, Tennessee - USA
I have been waiting for this book, as I have all the other books from a friend of Medjugorie and love them!! We are nearly out of debt thanks to the inspiration we received on one of the December 2009 radiowave broadcasts! Thanks for sharing your wisdom! We have contributed to the website and encourage all who have been blessed by this site, give what you can to keep online. God bless all at Caritas for all that you do so that many can share in this time of grace!
Donaldsonville, Louisiana - USA
Erin Gigli
Fort Wayne, Indiana - USA
As soon as the book arrives, I'm in for a late night. I am quite anxious to read a Friend of Medjugorje's latest inspired writing. Looking forward to it!
Toni Paul
St. Louis, Missouri - USA
This book promises to be not only what I need, but what the world needs. I'v been waiting, not so patiently, for it, and now it's here! Thank you! Toni
Franklin, USA
I can't wait!