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Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping Book and Audio Book

If you wish to purchase the book instead of downloading free, both items are available from the mej-mart as well.

You can visit here to purchase the book, or you can visit this page here to purchase the audio book. They will be simply sent to your home in the mail.

A new worldwide release of the Medjugorje book that is a national bestseller, Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping is now available as a FREE download. The book is now available in the book form AND also available FREE as an audio book.

The Printed book download is available in PDF form, which is how all the materials are available on, and are the most universal format. The text of the book is also searchable for your convenience.

The Audio book is available in 11 downloadable segments as mp3 format, which are CD burning ready. You can easily take each audio segment, and it will easily fit onto a CD.

About the worldwide release A Friend of Medjugorje states, “We have been greatly looking forward to this. Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping was really what opened the door to many non-religious people about Medjugorje. When writing the book, the content convers matter across our culture, and it was understood Our Lady would stay in the book, even though we knew many who were not Catholic or even nonbelievers would be reading the book. It has proven to be the right thing, as even Amish Bishops have recommended the book.”

Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, was the first Medjugorje book to address the issues of the day in light of Our Lady’s messages. It quickly rose to a national bestseller and continues today.


For the FREE book download, please visit this page (You will need 631 sheets of paper to print out the book in its entirety)


For the FREE Audio Book download, please visit this page


Franklin, USA
I'm so excited to have this as a download! Now I can 'send' the book to all my friends and family FREE via email! The audio book was a great idea. I can put that on an mp3 player and listen while I jog, or during lunch at work. You should encourage your readers to do the same and send this as an email attachment to all their friends and family, and to download this at work and listen. It may convert a co-worker who just might happen to hear. God Bless!
Allen, USA
Bless you, soldiers for Our Lady. I see what time of the morning this was sent out, as I am on Central Time. How passionate you are for Her! I envy it, and try to do the same. I have the book, and would like to download the audio but don't know how. My son, who is out of the country, will help me when he returns. What a gift for Her on this Visitation Feast day. United with you in love for her.