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this is my time billboard


this is my time billboard

In Niceville, Florida Our Lady’s face shines out, most beautifully at night, on an electronic billboard that invites everyone who sees it to the apparitions at Caritas, March 19-23, 2011. Every person who passes by seeing Our Lady’s face has an opportunity in which the Holy Spirit can plant a seed into each heart for a future conversion, or bring to memory a past devotion that has long ago gone dormant. In such a secular world in which we live, suddenly seeing Our Lady’s face is startling to many. In the life of the Caritas Community, we often see how God works through surprises to bring conversion to souls. An image, not expected, can stay in the mind for many days, weeks, months and even years. The many prayers that are being said for the conversion of souls through these billboards can bring the grace to imprint Our Lady’s image on countless hearts. The DEC (Daily Eye Contact) of this electronic billboard is 24,565. The billboard is located in Niceville, Florida on State Road 20. The sign faces East so the West-bound traffic sees it. If any of you are in the area, give yourself the joy of seeing Our Lady lighting up the night and remember to pray for all the souls who pass by these billboards, that grace may enter their hearts.

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