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Experience the miracles in Medjugorje and pilgrimage there for the 30th Anniversary, June 20-29, with BVM Caritas Pilgrimages. The pilgrimage is 3/4 full, and although there are no more beds available during this time in Medjugorje, we do have reserved space for the remaining pilgrimage openings of our June anniversary group.

BVM Caritas Pilgrimages has been bringing pilgrims since 1986 and is built with an infrastructure backed by the writings by a Friend of Medjugorje to be the most successful pilgrimage group to Medjugorje. You will leave Medjugorje with the understanding as one who has been there 15- 20 times after your first trip!

Visit this link for additional pilgrimage information.

You can also call in the US: 205-672-2000 (ext. 218)


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