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Our Lady gives visionary Marija Lunetti a monthly message for the world every 25th of the month. But what happens with the message from there?


Pilgrim Emotion

Just outside the Adoration Chapel near St. James Church in Medjugorje, a pilgrim is overcome with emotion at the moment of Our Lady’s apparition. Visionaries Marija and Ivan came to the Adoration Chapel for the anniversary apparition that took place at 6:40 p.m. on June 25, 2010. Most often, the daily apparitions of these two visionaries take place in their own separate private chapels near to their homes. Though the apparition was closed, pilgrims were content to know Our Lady was appearing just behind the wall. Along the entire length of the outside chapel wall, pilgrims knelt with hands and heads touching the stone and as the prayer and presence of Our Lady penetrated their hearts. They were reluctant to let this moment pass, many staying for 10-15 minutes on their knees in this posture, in silent prayer with the heart.


Message of June 25, 2010

Twenty to thirty minutes after the apparition of June 25, Our Lady’s message is translated into several different languages. Here is the June 25, 2010 monthly message in the Croatian language. This is the first wave created from the release of a fresh message from Our Lady that will turn into a tsunami carrying Our Lady’s words around the world, going farther and wider and faster than any news service is able to accomplish with their own worldly news. Amazingly, in less than 24 hours, Our Lady’s words reach the remotest villages to the largest cities around the world.


Caritas Mission House

Waves of pilgrims swept by the Caritas Mission House last night from the great crowds who had climbed Apparition Mountain for Our Lady’s apparition to Ivan the night of June 25th. Two pilgrims huddle together to read Our Lady’s words from the dim light from their flashlight, while groups of pilgrims leave with the message, and others wait to get in. Every year $50,000.00 to 60,000.00 worth of these special keepsake cards are given away free through a special group of benefactors who specially support the Caritas Mission House, as well as through the support of Caritas’ Field Angels and Core group members who provide the infrastructure and support system for Caritas’ operation in Medjugorje. The scene above is taking place at 2:00 a.m. The Caritas Mission House stays open most of the night as it is the only place in the village where one can get the message the same day it is released. It is why it has become known to as “The Message Place” by many of the pilgrims of all languages who come every year to visit Medjugorje.


Pilgrims getting the message

Inside the Caritas Mission House on June 25, 2010. Marija’s message is translated into at least seven languages. The printing press runs continuously. No sooner is a stack of messages printed in one language and placed out in the Mission House that it disappears into a sea of hands reaching out for what is known as the “message” in their own language: “poruka” in Croatian, “messagio” in Italian, “oredzie” in polish, and “botschaft” in German among other languages. While the message is being given out in the Mission House until the early morning hours, it also is being prepared for placement on the Caritas website,, as well as sent back home to Caritas’ Motherhouse in Alabama where it is sent out on first class postcards for those who prefer to receive it in the mail, and recorded on the Caritas phone system for those who prefer to listen to the message. Through the hands of many other children of Our Lady throughout the world, the message is spread quickly, through all kinds of technology, to all corners of the earth.


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