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If Our Lady had not appeared in Medjugorje, how much would your life be different? If did not exist, where would many be today? A supporter wrote to us the following yesterday:


“Where would I be if your site didn’t exist? I am praying for a speedy finish to your fundraiser. May God bless you all abundantly!”



Many live today without hope. As the days go by, we are continuing to pray every day for all those who are giving and praying for this project to come to completion, which once released, will be used as an instrument to bring hope to many across the world. Please continue to pray for the goal to be reached as soon as possible. A hungry world is in need of what will be revealed through this tool of Mej v3.0. The latest updated chart for the goal is below. Thank you!


In the Love of Our Lady,
Friend of Medjugorje


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