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Medjugorje teaches us that in the cycle of sin, suffering, salvation, it is important to find unity with God. When a soul finds this, he has a bright future, even if society falls apart.

It has been said,

“This is how liberty ends to thunderous applause.”

Christians have profaned the Sabbath, now the wicked are allowed to profane the womb with murder.

Christians have more divorce than non-believers, now the wicked are allowed to redefine marriage.

Christians set before their eyes defilement through entertainment of silly and suggestive scenes or talk, now the wicked live abominable lifestyles without shame.

War is something we should avoid. However, to avoid war at all cost will lead to being oppressed, and tyranny to reign. The Church teaches that there are times to engage in war. There are different types of war. We have been assaulted for years by a cultural war affronted by an immoral leftism. The reactions in resisting the assaults have been too little and very late. The targets of these attacks are everything concerning God, a moral society, and Christians themselves.

Why 2,000 years ago did the Christian martyrs prevail and win over their enemies...

Is God acting upon the July 4, 2008 Consecration
of the
United States of America?
You decide!

This is the year of St. Paul, so named and dedicated worldwide by the Catholic Church. St. Paul, the great evangelist, wrote about three quarters of the New Testament. Though an unlikely choice, he was chosen to be a tool in the hands of God, transforming the known gentile world and stretching centuries into the future, even to the New World.

God can choose anyone He wants, to do what He wants.

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