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Sunday, Mirjana received the second of the month message in which Our Lady spoke about “God’s goodness.” Mary, in Her humility, could not have thought in Her earthly life that God would take Her body which walked the earth and take it to Heaven.

In light of Our Lady’s short February 25, 2008 monthly message, it can be easy to gloss over the significance of Her words.

Several men were just sitting there, minding their own business, when a man walked up to them. He took a whip that he had and began beating several men and even some animals they had with them and damaged their property all the while shouting at them.

We are living in dire times. The culture is as restless as the surface of a stormy sea. All the while, evil is brewing in the culture to impose its will upon the children of God.

There has been much talk across the nation  this past week about the Presidential primary elections that are taking place in most states today. While many get drawn into the politics of the election, supporting “their candidate,” Our Lady calls us to something much deeper.

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