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Dear Followers of Our Lady,

Thank you for so many of your letters, the response was overwhelming to the weekly letter we began last week.


The most asked question was about the upcoming presidential elections in the U.S. Many of you not only had deep concerns, but were somewhat fearful of our future asnation. Because there are so many questions and comments about this one subject, we will speak more extensively about these questions during the Radio WAVE broadcast, Saturday, February 2, 2008, at 7:00 PM Central Time on We will also be discussing Mirjana’s apparition and message that will occur that day for nonbelievers.


While Caritas of Birmingham, as501(c) 3 organization, cannot endorseparty or candidate, we can speak about issues that are relevant, and these issues apply no matter what country you are from.


In Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, I wrote that the values of Christianity are to influence the government and laws, in particular in Chapters 7, 8, 9, and 10. You are encouraged you to go back this week and read particularly those chapters, and if you don’t havecopy, order one from Caritas and read those chapters with emphasis. I wrote in Chapter 9 that, “To obey laws against natural law puts us in transgression against Divine Law and, therefore, the law is invalid and is to be defied as if it doesn’t exist because there is no basis for it to be.” That having been said, there cannot be laws in place against natural law if Christians directly influence our laws and government. So, it iscall for all of us, not to “stand up and be counted” like we are taught to be, but to demand first from ourselves and then not only from our present leaders, but future ones, that they obey God’s laws. Some may haveproblem about the “demand” part.

Last week, you read that we inherit what we tolerate. If we tolerate godless leaders, then we inheritgodless society. If we demand Godly leaders, then we inherit Godly laws and government. Law is from God, and therefore must be in harmony with Divine Law, or society falls apart. Our Lady told us just this past January 25, 2008, “...You, little children, are free to choose good or evil...” We must look beyond the ballot box to effect change. We must cry out to God to give usseize the moment, that can transform our land for change to happen. It will have to be given to us by God.

When I asked you to pray each day last week, on your knees, for Our Lady to reveal the seriousness of the situation we are in, perhaps Our Lady’s monthly message of January 25, 2008, was our best diagnosis. During the Radio WAVE broadcast of January 25, 2008, we discussed at length about how we still havechance to choose good or evil, and I encourage you to go back and to listen to that broadcast. You can click here to listen to the  January 25, 2008 broadcast.

So again, this week, pray to discern if you are choosing good or evil in your everyday life. Whensufficient number of us have chosen good, God will effect change. Not until then. Be an encouragement to others.

In the Love of Our Lady

Friend of Medjugojre

On Behalf of Caritas of Birmingham
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