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Dear Followers of Our Lady,

Sunday, Mirjana received the second of the month message in which Our Lady spoke about “God’s goodness.” Mary, in Her humility, could not have thought in Her earthly life that God would take Her body which walked the earth and take it to Heaven. Mary’s words, in the Poem of the Man-God, of Her meeting Her Son in Heaven with Her own flesh spoke of what the goodness of God did for Her.

“…The kindness of the Father reserved for me the joy of feeling again the touch of my Son’s hand on my body, His embrace, His kiss, and of hearing again His voice with my ears, of seeing His face with my eyes. I could not think that this would be granted to me, neither did I wish it…”

Marija told me directly that the Medjugorje apparitions are the last apparitions on earth in which visionaries such as herself will be able to see Our Lady, touch Her, and hear Her. Mary, physically is in Heaven in Her earthly body, now glorified. In one moment, She can embrace Jesus in Her resurrected body and the next moment be in front of Marija and give Marijakiss, which she has received before. If you contemplate what Mary’s physical presence means for our time, you would do as the words state:

November 8, 1984

“Dear children, you are not conscious of the messages which God is sending to you through me. He is giving you great graces and you do not comprehend them. Pray to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment. If you only knew how great are the graces God is granting you, you would be praying without ceasing. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


The essence of evil, satan, clouds our minds with many “good” busy things that we do throughout the day to keep us from contemplating, piercing the veil of spiritual things such as the first meeting of Jesus and Mary in their glorified flesh in Heaven, the only two bodies in Heaven.

July 25, 1997

“…I desire, dear children, that during this time you findcorner for personal prayer…”


If you do not findprayer corner, an encounter with God, one of the most glorious moments in Christianity will pass you by. And when you later realize it, the cup you drink will be bitter. Use this Lenten time well and another Easter with the physical presence of Our Lady upon the earth each day.

Friend of Medjugojre

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