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Followers of Our Lady,

The Community of Caritas is currently doingnovena to the Holy Spirit for Pentecost. Novenas are something that we do regularly, as Our Lady has requested this in Her messages.

July 25, 1993

“…Dear children, offer novenas, making sacrifices wherein you feel the most bound. I want your life to be bound to me…”

July 25, 2005

“…make good use of this time of grace and devote it to God more than ever up to now. Do novenas of fasting and renunciation so that satan be far from you and grace be around you…”

We thought that we would also pass this novena on to you as well, so that you can join us. Though the novena had already started on Saturday May 3, you can just begin now and be in union with us, and continue praying it until Our Lady comes for the apparitions in July.

Some of you on the mejList were concerned that you were not receiving any of the electronic mail from us. We hope that issue has been resolved and that you are all receiving the mail now.

In the Love of the Two Hearts,

Friend of Medjugojre

On Behalf of Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas

The novena consists ofRosary, preferably prayed around the time Our Lady appears in Medjugorje which is 6:40 PM Medjugorje time, 12:40 PM Eastern time, 11:40 AM Central time, 10:40 AM Mountain time, and 9:40 AM Pacific time. However, you can adjust to pray the Rosary if your obligations will not permit you to pray at that time.

Holy Spirit Novena for Pentecost From the Community of Caritas
May 3-11, 2008


Prayer of Supplication to the Holy Spirit (Pray at the beginning of the Rosary)


Come Holy Spirit, pour forth on us the source of Your grace and enkindlenew Pentecost in Your Church! Come down upon Your bishops, Your priests, Your religious, upon Your faithful and upon those who do not believe, upon the most hardened of sinners, and finally, upon each one of us! Come down upon all the people of the world, upon all races, and upon every class and category of people!

Stir us with Your divine breath, purify us of all our sins, and free us from all deceit and evil! Inflame us with Your fire; grant that we may burn and be consumed in Your love! Teach us to understand that God is everything—all our happiness and joy, our present, our future and our eternity are in his hands. Come Holy Spirit and transform us, save us, reconcile us, unite us and consecrate us to yourself!

Teach us to belong completely to Christ, to be totally Yours, to belong totally to God! This we ask you through the intercession and under the guidance and protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Your Immaculate Spouse, Mother of Jesus and our Mother, the Queen of Peace! Amen.


Act of Consecration to the Holy Spirit (Preferably pray at apparition time)


O Holy Spirit,
Love that proceeds from the Father and the Son,
Endless source of grace and life,
I wish to consecrate myself to you:
my past, my present, my future,
my desires, my choices,
my decisions, my thoughts, my feelings,
all that belongs to me and all that I am.
Let all those whom I meet, whom I think of,
whom I know, whom I love,
and all things that I will encounter in my life
be glorified by the power
of Your Light, Your Warmth, and Your Peace.
You are the Lord, the Giver of Life,
And without Your strength, nothing is free from taint or ill.
O Spirit of Eternal Love, come into my heart,
renew it and make it ever more like
the Heart of Mary, so that I may be,
now and forever,
temple and tabernacle of Your Divine Presence.


Glory Be (3 times)


Intentions for the Novena to the Holy Spirit
May 3-11, 2008


Dear Heavenly Mother, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, we ask for Your intercession for the following intentions. Please take our prayers, fasting and sacrifices and present them to Your Son, and with the grace afforded to You, perfect our offerings that we may be granted beyond every imaginable expectation all that we desire for the conversion of hearts, for protection of our community and mission, and for the return of the United States of America back to Jesus Christ, its King.

We pray Mary, for the Holy Spirit to invade our nation, igniting both the hearts of Christians and unbelievers alike to come for Your apparitions in July. We pray that the numbers will exceed all imaginable expectations, from all 50 states, and that the spark of grace in each soul will combust intomighty flame that will create suchfire of conversion that it will quickly spread throughout our land beginning here with Your apparitions. We pray this especially for our Bishop, and the priests and faithful of our own diocese.

We pray Mary, for an unbelievable response to the Retooling of the Tabernacle, that we can quickly achieve the goal of having all our departments fully prepared to introduce You to millions of souls as we draw nearer to the fulfillment of Your apparitions.
We pray for the presence of tens of thousands of Angels to begin filling the Field and Valley that everything concerning the events of July will be surrounded with the grace of Heaven, and that satan will find no entrance to bring his evil intentions. Most especially, we pray that there will be no emptiness in our own hearts for satan to work.

Lastly, we pray for each member of the community, including every child down to the youngest members, to haveprofound experience with the Holy Spirit that our hearts would be made pure, andnew spirit of God would descend down upon each one of us, uniting us as one.

We give You this novena from our hearts, dearest Mother, asgift to You for Mother’s Day, to thank You for all You have given to us over so many years.


(Short, Ardent Prayers to Pray Throughout Each Day of the Novena)


Holy Spirit, eternal Love, Come to us with your zeal, Come inflame our hearts.

Create in meclean heart, O Lord, and renew in me an upright spirit.

O Divine Paraclete, come soon, and renew the face of the earth.

Come, O Holy Spirit and fill me with the glory of the Lord.

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