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In some Massachusetts school districts children are being taught five gender orientations they can become.


War is something we should avoid. However, to avoid war at all cost will lead to being oppressed, and tyranny to reign. The Church teaches that there are times to engage in war. There are different types of war. We have been assaulted for years by a cultural war affronted by an immoral leftism. The reactions in resisting the assaults have been too little and very late. The targets of these attacks are everything concerning God, a moral society, and Christians themselves. Who is to blame? Men are. Men have become too demasculinized to counter attack the evils of a culture, which has taken over, “de Goded” the culture and demasculinized men. Men who lived 75 years ago would not tolerate the above and would remedy things in the blink of an eye. Men have become too demasculinized to stand up, to take to the streets, or to sometimes be on the street even as one man and defend the honor of a woman or child. Where are the fathers who are making a run on the schools who are teaching kindergarten, first grade, second grade and up that it’s ok to be any of five genders you want to be? Man has become too feminized so that he no longer sees he’s being demasculinized into a ho-hum being who doesn’t even pause and reflect to have the thought, “To forget the Judges, the courts, that every father of a family where a school who teaches such a thing should march into the school and remove the teaching materials and cast out the teachers themselves who are indoctrinating these children with such perverse thoughts.” This would not be illegal in God’s eyes, but would be in the feminized man’s eyes. This is Evangelization of the Natural Law and every man has an obligation to propagate and protect Natural Law and a right to tear down unnatural Law…by what means are necessary to be rid the system promoting such vileness.

Saturday Sept. 20, 2008, Pope Benedict said:

“In a sacrilegious world, and in a time marked by a worrying culture of emptiness, you are called to announce the primacy of God without compromise and to propose new paths of Evangelization.”2

Jesus’ new path of His Evangelical message once included turning the tables over and running the people out of the Temple…physically with a whip… Jesus did not sin.

I see no reason why 50 or 100 fathers who are men should not be doing the same thing with the perversions of the little Temples of the Holy Spirit who as children are being exposed to a greater sacrilege than what Jesus erupted over in the Temple. When do men start turning some desks over and purifying the schools? It’s time to be men who will stand up to an evil culture for the primacy of God’s precept rather than man’s. It will bring peace. Our Lady said, August 15, 1988:

“…young people find themselves now in a very difficult situation.  Help each other.”

Man will not be in sin by becoming men again. Rise up O men and count yourselves not of women and children but of their protectors.

Friend of Medjugojre

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2. Vatican Information Service Holy See Press Office

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