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The village of Medjugorje is beginning to fill with pilgrims who are coming in for the 26th Anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions. At the end of Croatian Mass each evening, Ivan, the visionary, comes to the podium to pray a novena prayer to Our Lady on behalf of the parish of Medjugorje.

To the followers of Our Lady: It was a pleasant night, while several thousand people, who had climbed Apparition Mountain to be with Our Lady, quietly prayed and waited for the few moments when Our Lady would be present to them in a special way through Her visitations with Ivan.

We are in frightful times. Signs everywhere give evidence that our time is unlike any time in the history of the world. Yes, there have always been wars, persecutions, atrocities, and difficulties.

Last Monday, May 31, 2007, Ivan’s prayer group apparition was closed, and therefore, not open to the public. Tonight, however, the pilgrims from all over the world who are presently in Medjugorje were invited to attend.

Though the day in Medjugorje was full of rain, Our Lady called Her children up Apparition Mountain Monday evening, to pray with Ivan and his prayer group, and to be present with Her in an apparition.

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