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What was the rest of the world doing on this Friday night? Shopping, going to sporting events, the movies, restaurants, a night on the town, working late? To those of us in Medjugorje who made the trek up to the Blue Cross to be with Our Lady tonight, the world seemed very far away.

A heat wave hit Medjugorje today and the forecast says that it will continue on through the week. Because of the heat, dryness has aided in several fires breaking out on the mountains surrounding Medjugorje.

By 6:00 a.m., this morning, July 2, 2007, the room that Our Lady would visit visionary Mirjana Soldo in, during her monthly apparition, was already three-quarters of the way filled, with new busloads of pilgrims arriving every minute.

Tonight, the evening of July 9, 2007, Our Lady appeared to Ivan during his prayer group meeting at the Blue Cross. There were several thousands of pilgrims and villagers present at the apparition tonight and they were all happy to be present with Our Lady. Following is Ivan’s description of the apparition:

Medjugorje Visionary Marija


Our Lady of Medjugorje's June 25, 2007 Monthly Message to the World given through Marija:

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