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March 9, 2021 A.D.

5 Big Tech Companies Ban Free Speech: The #1 Best Selling Book, Big Q Little Q, Banned by Amazon, Also, by iTunes, Audible & Kindle. Plus, YouTube Removes Three of Caritas’ Features.

The #1 Best Selling Book,  Big Q Little Q, Banned

A Friend of Medjugorje: Socialism wins over many people, through the promise of everything free. Once it begins to rule, next comes censorship, especially over Christians and patriots who love their country. When enough voices are silent, socialism always moves to killing those, who will not be silenced. History shows this repeatedly. Be it one voice or millions that must be killed.

The agendas that move socialism forward have no stopping point where their thirst will be quenched. But, what the darkness of socialism fears most is Christianity. Therefore, it has to be crushed. History has shown time and time again that socialists are intolerable to any person, resisting their agendas. Socialists know Christians will resist their socialist godless religion. Naturally, this makes Christians enemies of their dark plans that aim to suppress the Light. The side of Light is constantly battling the side of dark. Darkness fears us because we fight with love, prayer, fasting and sacrifice. They do not have these four virtues in their arsenal. They know they are disadvantaged because through the virtues of Light, we can recruit those on the side of dark to come into the Light. In the end darkness eventually loses. Yes, they have victories, but they tremble at our ways, words and virtues; our truth. In the end truth always wins.

Our Lady’s words are truth. Their only defense against truth is to suppress it where no one can be exposed to it. Therefore, they will always censor what reveals light to stop you from reading or hearing the truth within it. Hence, Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Audible and Kindle use blacklisting tactics. Why blacklist Our Lady’s words and the way Our Lady is leading us? Because it is dangerous to their agenda. Along with the book Big Q, the next clicks were part of what was removed by YouTube, along with the many positive comments that followed each one, one of which had 70,000 views. All this is a warning of things to come. Our Lady’s mission here has always had threats as it grows and becomes more influential in bringing Our Lady’s messages into the masses.

Click each one, going through the three and spread this to all you know. You can make your comments below of how you see darkness growing and why the ban is taking place.

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