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July 2, 2010 A.D.

It was a warm early morning in Medjugorje this July 2, 2010. The first pilgrims gathered at the Blue Cross at 10:00 p.m. to spend the night in preparation for Our Lady’s apparition to Mirjana on the day for non-believers. Rosaries were prayed all night long, along with singing. During the night, more and more pilgrims joined the others already present at the Blue Cross. By early morning, there were thousands of pilgrims present, praying and waiting for Our Lady. Mirjana arrived at 8:32 a.m. The Rosary continued until Our Lady appeared to Mirjana. The apparition lasted about 4 minutes. The following is Our Lady’s message:

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s July 2, 2010 Message
Given on the Day for Non-Believers

“Dear children, my Motherly call, which I direct to you today, is a call of truth and life. My Son, who is Life, loves you and knows you in truth. To come to know and to love yourself, you must come to know my Son; to come to know and to love others, you must see my Son in them. Therefore, my children, pray, pray, that you may comprehend and surrender with a spirit that is free, be completely transformed and, in this way, may have the Kingdom of Heaven in your heart on earth. Thank you!”

Mirjana relayed after the apparition the following: “Our Lady blessed us all and all our religious articles and in a special way Our Lady blessed all priests.”

A Call of Truth is to Result in a Return to Truth

Preparing for a radically different future

by a Friend of Medjugorje

“…Come to know My Son.” To know Her Son is to know His principles. To know His principles is to know truth. To know truth is to rid oneself of all that is untrue, thereby content with self, you will love self, knowing you stand true before God. You then can love others, giving them truth. You cannot love others, see in them Christ, without yourself coming to know Her Son. Through knowing Jesus, you will recognize Him in others. Being right with truth is being right with Christ. It is liberating because, as Scripture states, “the truth will set you free,” as Our Lady says, “…a spirit that is free…”

It is most amazing how many read the newspapers, watch news on the television, listen to it on the radio and how uninformed of truth they are. Of course, everyone believes their own beliefs to be truth. But there is no truth in culture where there is rejection of Christ, who is Truth.

However, this does not mean that if you have Christ, you have the truth, because a properly formed conscience and discernment is necessary.

This means if you really have an understanding of Christ, you have the truth about culture, economics, relationships, the environment, and on and on. Many today profess Jesus, but many today do not know the real Jesus because they do not recognize truth. You cannot recognize Jesus in others without truth. Many ways and falsehoods in the culture is illogical and based in lies, yet is accepted by the Church membership. Our Lady of Medjugorje comes with Her call to guide you directly to truth. Yes, to guide you to Her Son, but also to truth in all things, ranging from sin to science, from economics, to global warming – most all of which today have been built on lies. This is why Our Lady is preparing us for a time that is coming, in which all that was built on this foundation of untruth is about to crumble. It is very important in your life today, as it was for those in the World Trade Center on 9/11, not only to be out of the building, but as far as possible away from it when the collapse takes place. You cannot be narrow in limiting Our Lady’s messages to only the four basic messages: prayer, fasting, peace, and penance.* These are only the beginning ingredients to bring you and form you to recognize truth. Once your heart is opened, your eyes will see and you will be shocked at what you contributed in building in your life and the world around you: a life of choking modernism, of which is about to be rearranged, along with major aspects which will totally collapse.

With changes we are about to undergo, do you want to be prepared only physically? No. Do you want to be prepared only spiritually? No. You want to be prepared both spiritually and physically. You live this life as a test to see where you will spend eternity. Therefore, physical life, all areas of culture and all temporal goods, are to be a help in passing the test that will affect your spiritual life for eternity. Many discount the effect of modernism in the world, sticking their heads in the sand, not understanding that the fall of culture sends multitudes into perdition. We must fight for a moral culture and stand up to untruth, by all means at our disposal. The spiritual life is affected by the physical life. Our Lady wants Jesus to be a part of our culture, not locked inside a church.

If you look on the cover of the newest Medjugorje book, It Ain’t Gonna Happen, you will see the words, “A Return to Truth.” It is not by chance that today’s message says what it says, just after the book’s release a few days ago. This book is a liberating book about freeing yourself and others. In fact, this message of Our Lady today could have been printed as the introduction to the book. It Ain’t Gonna Happen contains everything Our Lady says in today’s message, including “love of others” in the most radical circumstances. With intent, the book is filled with revelations of truth for which it was written to bring you back to truth, as Our Lady said today, “…a call to truth.” Is it just another book to read on your read list? No. It is the most important book to read now, an urgent immediate read in a return to truth of which this message is calling. If Our Lady’s message today can be the book’s introduction, the book can be this message’s detailed, broad explanation.

The book was presented to Our Lady on June 24, 2010, during Our Lady’s apparition in Medjugorje. The message today, while speaking to you personally, also is a sign for the message in this book. No reason is presented to you to persuade you of why this is said. There is no need, for when you read the book, you will come to connect Our Lady’s message given today with the book’s message of truth, to Her call “direct to you today.” The reading of It Ain’t Gonna Happen is not an option, or even a maybe read, it is a “have to” must read to understand your life and the decisions that must be made right now for where you will be in the future. The book is a help for you to remove the kingdom of the world from your heart in order to have “…a spirit that is free…” for the Kingdom of Heaven to be in your heart “on earth.” You must make concrete physical decisions today to pass the test for your spiritual life eternally. The book’s purpose will reveal this to you.

In the Love of Truth,
Friend of Medjugorje
Who is a Friend of Medjugorje?

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* Four basic messages: Our Lady said on June 6, 1988:

"Dear children, it’s going to be seven years soon that I have been coming to you. I ask you to renew in yourselves the messages I have given to you. These are messages of prayer, peace, fasting, and penance. Make some penance yourselves. All of the other messages come from these four basic ones, but also live the other ones. Thank you for responding to my call. I am your Mother. Open your heart to the grace."


Caritas community members left for Apparition Mountain at 11:30 p.m. the night of July 1, in order to spend the night in prayer at the Blue Cross in preparation for Our Lady’s apparition to Mirjana this morning. As they walked through the fields, the lights of Medjugorje, Apparition Mountain and an almost full moon guided their way.


Mirjana, having just arrived at the site of the Blue Cross, today, July 2, 2010, enters inside herself, seemingly oblivious to the thousands of people who surround her. What thoughts are hers at this moment? What prayer fills her heart?


Mirjana receives Our Lady in the apparition of July 2, 2010. Time continues to move forward, to the fulfillment of Our Lady’s plans, and for Mirjana it goes from month to month as she prays, suffers and waits until the 2nd of every month comes around again. Mysteriously, she briefly enters a timeless world kneeling before her Queen and Mother. Scientists who have studied the visionaries through the years explain this state of being as the visionaries actually enter into a deeper reality than what is normally experienced in our human nature. They see Our Lady with much greater depth than how we see and experience each other in our daily lives. There are no words that can help us grasp their experience. But prayer can do what words cannot.


No eye has seen, no ear has heard….


“…No one in the world has had the grace which you, your brothers, and sisters have received…” These were words spoken by Our Lady to Medjugorje visionary Ivanka on her last daily apparition on May 7, 1985, speaking specifically of the six visionaries of Medjugorje.


As we look upon Mirjana’s face who is looking upon Our Lady’s face, we can’t help but be filled with a holy envy to have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

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