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March 16, 2021 A.D.

Pray to the Holy Spirit. A Friend of Medjugorje exposes another plan of satan, happening right now, in our midst…

A Disturbing Development

There is no place on earth satan hates more than Medjugorje. This chosen place is the Pentagon for the battle between Heaven and hell, between Light and darkness, between the virtue of man and the wickedness of man. The virtuous love the Light, while the wicked hate the Light.

In the real time of this moment, there is a satanic brew being cooked to poison millions of people to damage Medjugorje. The damaging of Medjugorje? How can that be? Medjugorje is a physical place, but Medjugorje also is a mystical place that resides in the heart. Medjugorje’s power is such that hundreds of millions across the world go through profound conversion without pilgrimaging to Medjugorje. Our Lady has plans and satan has plans.

March 25, 2015

“…pray and fight against…all the evil plans which the devil offers you…”

The master intellect of satan has come up with a witchcraft brew to damage Medjugorje. We even know the date his plan will be poured out. The date will be April 2, 2021. he will begin first in the United States and then move his concoction to other countries. satan plans to have millions drink the poisonous brew to damage the acceptance of Medjugorje and Our Lady’s apparitions. As we move to June 25, 2021, the 40th Anniversary, satan is launching a plan to block and confuse potential conversions by promoting the apparitions of the Virgin Mary are not really Her and that Her apparitions in Medjugorje are diabolical. The devil, in his cleverness, knowing his reign is coming to an end, uses himself to drive people away from Our Lady. his plan is to show the visitation of Our Lady is from the devil. With the Secrets coming and thereby, bringing hundreds of millions of new conversions with them, the devil plots to have as many as he can, to be swayed away from believing in the apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje.

The Proverbial Saying,
“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

In the beginning days of Medjugorje, I witnessed satan’s tactics to discourage people from believing in Medjugorje: “There are no apparitions, the visionaries are lying, its all fake, its only about money, etc.” satan built a dam with lies to restrict Medjugorje flowing out to the world. But the love of Our Lady filled up behind satan’s dam, and it broke open. Our Lady’s love flowed like a mighty river over/throughout the nations. Many were converted across the earth. “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” At that point the devil made a tactical change. he jumped in the river and began to clap his hands, “Come! Yes, the Virgin Mary is appearing. You have to develop.” Yes, the devil pushed to create entertainment, conveniences and fill the village with many distractions. “Yes,” the devil said, “while coming to Medjugorje, go to the other tourist attractions nearby and to the beach. Come to Medjugorje.” The great river began to flow over here and over there, outlets from the river began to drain the great river in directions that did not foster conversions. satan made so many outlets that the great river became only a trickle compared to its beginning. Some pilgrims who visited and believed in Medjugorje, left the village not believing.

Medjugorje visionary, Marija, has recently said many Medjugorje followers are not praying and are not fasting. satan, knowing we are on the eve of the Secrets, which will cause the river of love to be filled again and bring billions to conversion—he has a plan to stop as many as he can to be prejudiced against the apparitions, making people believe they are diabolical. Thereby, what Our Lady is truly doing, the devil superimposes himself to imprint in the minds of the people that he, the devil, is appearing as the Virgin Mary in order to turn a multitude against the apparitions, both those who know of them now, those who will come to know them through the Secrets, AND those who will hear of them in the future anti-christ time. When the Secrets are released, these poor souls, who have been previously biased, once introduced to the Medjugorje apparitions, will scoff, mock or be cynical to Our Lady. Darkness precedes the plan warning, “be careful who you pray to” because “She” can be the devil.

What Is The Plan?

The Unholy Film

Producer, Sam Raimi, with the production of several horror movies under his belt, continues specializing in a PG-13 horror movie named, “The Unholy.” The movie portrays a deaf-mute girl who is cured one night when she runs to a big tree behind her parish church. Of course, for more blasphemy, the church is named after St. Joseph. There are miracle cures in front of the tree when the Virgin Mary appears. Their “village” explodes with publicity that spreads the story far and wide, even to many countries. But then terrifying events begin to happen all around. What was said to be apparitions of the Virgin Mary, becomes something more sinister.

This movie is diabolical itself. satan plans to highjack, water down and taint the credibility of the purpose of the Secrets by painting the Medjugorje apparitions as diabolical. For what reason? In order to stop throngs of people who would convert but became biased by satan’s plan that Our Lady’s apparitions are from the devil? The devil always has a card up his sleeve. We can pass this off as nothing, but if there is only one who would have converted and be saved from hell; but rejected Our Lady because of this movie, it is a tragedy. Saint Catherine of Siena said, after seeing one soul in hell and the horrors that she saw, that she would die 1,000 torturous deaths to save one soul from hell.

How do we know this is the purpose satan has planned for this movie?

Why is the movie named “THE UNHOLY”?

Why is it released on Good Friday, April 2, 2021?

Why is it going to be released through theaters only in America only on one day, Good Friday, and after will be spread to other countries through hundreds of non-theater venues?

Why does it relate to Medjugorje?

Why is it being released on the Eve of the 40th Anniversary of Our Lady’s Apparitions in Medjugorje?

Why does it state, “BE CAREFUL WHO YOU PRAY TO?”

Why is it called a horror movie?

Why does Our Lady appear beneath a tree in the movie?

Why do miracles happen at the tree?

All this relates to Medjugorje? Yes.

Does this relate to the thousands of conversions in the Field of Apparitions as well as the Bedroom of Apparitions? Yes.


For those who still may doubt it is an attack against Medjugorje, then why is the statue of Medjugorje IN THE MOVIE?

The Unholy Film, Medjugorje Statue

A scene from the satanic movie, The Unholy, which shows a statue in Medjugorje

This writing will end with proof of how people’s mentality can be damaged. The feedback below is only a couple of days old to prove to you how people can be damaged by such a devious plan. The repeated words below is the actual feedback.


Jeanne, Florida

Our Lady has plans. You are the plan. Please increase your prayers for the Cross and lands. We are in a critical moment. Thank you.

With Love,
Friend of Medjugorje
Who is a Friend of Medjugorje?

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