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A massive amount of people gathered today for Our Lady’s apparition, reminiscent of the crowds that were typically present in Medjugorje during the late 80’s and early 90’s at the height of pilgrims coming to Medjugorje before the war came to the region. By 5:00 a.m. the whole inner section surrounding the Blue Cross was filled with pilgrims, and there were many youth who were sprawled out in sleeping bags having spent the night on Apparition Mountain in anticipation of Our Lady’s early morning apparition. By 7:00 a.m. both wide paths heading up and all the way to the top of the mountain were completely filled with people, many of them mistakenly believing Our Lady would be appearing on top of the mountain, not realizing the location was the Blue Cross. Though there can be no accurate measure of the amount of people present, we are confident in saying there were 50,000 people on and surrounding Apparition Mountain today. It was an incredible sight—a sea of faces everywhere you looked. Perhaps that is why Our Lady gave an awesome, special “Fatima” type gift today in the apparition.


Mirjana came early today, around 8:35 a.m. The apparition of Our Lady began at 8:45 a.m. and lasted approximately 4 ½ minutes. Shortly after the apparition began, cries of surprise, shock, deep emotion and awe were heard rippling through the crowd from different directions, growing in magnitude. While Mirjana was enraptured in her own vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary, something had happened. A commotion in the crowd was paralleled by something that the pilgrims could not have known, by what Mirjana had seen, and Mirjana, on the other hand, while in ecstasy could not have known what the pilgrims were seeing during the apparition. During the apparition, Mirjana herself saw the sun behind Our Lady. When she came out of ecstasy, Mirjana had to be surprised at what was taking place.


August 2, 2009

Mirjana’s posture shows herself open and receptive to the love Our Lady is offering. This is the posture Our Lady wants us all to have, so that we do not refuse Her love, as She warned us about in today’s message.

As for the pilgrims themselves, they had also seen a miracle. The sun became a miraculous sign for them. More and more people began looking where the first ones were pointing—at the sun. Many were seeing the sun “dancing” or “spinning,” others saw a cross illuminated in the sun, still others saw different colors within or streaming out of the sun. Tears were streaming down many faces, others stared in wonder, others in joy. And there were those who did not look up at all, so intense in their prayer as the apparition was still taking place. It swept through the crowd what the early days of Medjugorje were like when physical miracles abounded. It was very moving as the people knew what a chance of a lifetime it was to see the actions of God take place right before their eyes. To know after the apparition that Mirjana also had the sun in her apparition behind Our Lady confirmed the pilgrims’ “vision,” and the pilgrims confirmed Mirjana’s vision that the miracle was wed to each other.

The apparition was shorter than normal for the 2nd of the month, and watching Mirjana’s face during the apparition it was noticed that her normal, varied expressions seen in the apparitions seemed to be changing at a faster speed than what is also typical. It is possible that the apparition lasted much longer for Mirjana than what passed in our time of 4 ½ minutes, as both Mirjana and Marija have testified at times that even though from the surface it looks like a short apparition, they often experienced a much longer apparition.


Mirjana Apparition 2009
Spinning Sun August 2, 2009
Message for Non Believers August 2009

These pictures were taken this morning in Medjugorje, August 2, 2009, just as the cries were heard that the sun was dancing. Not everyone reacted at first, but it can be seen on the faces of many in these pictures that they were seeing something extraordinary. A beautiful gift that was confirmed when Mirjana said that she saw the sun behind Our Lady during the whole apparition, and that it was, for her a sign of the love of Jesus shining down upon the tens of thousands of pilgrims gathered today.



Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s August 2, 2009 Message
To Mirjana Soldo Given on the Day for Non-Believers


“Dear children, I am coming, with my Motherly love, to point out the way by which you are to set out, in order that you may be all the more like my Son; and by that, closer to and more pleasing to God. Do not refuse my love. Do not renounce salvation and eternal life for the sake of transience and frivolity of this life. I am coming to lead you and, as a mother, to caution you. Come with me.”



Mirjana shared with us that all during the apparition there was a sun behind Our Lady. And according to Mirjana, she thinks that it was Jesus illuminating us all with His love.


Our Lady has said, April 25, 1992,

“…Medjugorje is a sign to all of you and a call to pray and live the days of grace that God is giving you…”


We often have people call us about someone who was in a car crash and is in need of prayers. A caution road sign tells us of a hazard which can hurt us, that the direction we are traveling has a curve, a dangerous road, a bridge that is out, or a dead end. A good mother likewise will caution you, “pointing out the way by which you are to set out” in order to avoid many dangers in life.

For many, especially the youth, the hazard comes upon us often without warning. A tragedy that, had the caution signs been heeded, could have been avoided. The signs of Our Lady, the sign of Her coming, is one of God’s greatest signs in history. A sign which He has sent to His children and the entire world to caution us and warn us of the grave danger ahead in regard to the future.


Our Lady wants to make us aware that to choose something brief, a frivolous pleasure, a waste, leads to a sinful path, which is a renunciation of what Jesus did for us. This refusal of love, many youth in their frivolity and meaningless living choose by their lives to renounce eternal life with God. It was in a vision that Medjugorje visionary Marija saw a beautiful 17 year old girl, a young child in reality, fall into the fires of hell. Upon contact with the flames she manifested in her being and became an image of her soul, turning into a horrible unknown beast of which we have no resemblance of upon the earth. Our Lady has said,


October 24, 1988

“…the situation of the young is difficult…”


Our Lady has said,


October 24, 1988

“…Help parents who don’t know, who give bad advice!"

Our Lady has said,


September 9, 1988

“…Dear children, during this period I would like you to pray in your families with your children. I would like you to talk with your children. I would like you to exchange your experiences and help them to solve all their problems…”


We do not have a youth problem, we have a parent problem. There are good youth being raised, and there are bad youth being raised. What makes the difference? Parents have great authority to mold and form their lives, but in today’s world they leave it up to society, and the culture of rock stars, sports stars, movie stars, frivolous technology, and a very deceptive, flawed education system to form them.


How many young people who fall into hell such as the young girl Marija saw would have been saved by having a mother to caution and lead them, but did not? How many will burn eternally?


Heed your Mother, She said today.


“…I am coming to lead you and, as a mother, to caution you…”


Picture a 17 year old, a 15 year old, or even a 14 year old who is on the path to hell, and remember Jakov’s words – “hell is the ultimate waste because no one needs to go there.” Be a mentor of holiness and with your life point the way so that with your example of life, others will long to have meaning, embracing eternal life with God instead of renouncing it to spend it with satan. It is Our Lady who wants you,


August 2, 2009

“…Come with me.”

In the Love of Our Lady,
A Friend of Medjugorje


Don’t Be Late For Our Lady’s Apparition!

The apparition today, August 2, 2009, was supposed to be at 9:00 a.m. However, Our Lady came at 8:45 a.m., a full 15 minutes early. There is a reason for this. The apparitions of Our Lady are a profound moment in one’s life. For those who want only the apparition, don’t want to properly prepare for Our Lady through prayer, or do not think it important, often miss the apparition.

Our Lady will often come early on the mountain. For those who arrive hours before Our Lady’s apparition to be ready for Our Lady to be in anticipation for the moment, Her coming 15 minutes early is a joy for those who are prepared. For those who are not diligent, those who are seeking only the best part, miss the best part. Our "lamps" must stay lit in watching for God, and many were ready today and were rewarded with a great miracle of the sun, while those who were late missed it. - A Friend of Medjugorje


Mirjana Soldo Apparition

The crowds leaving after Mirjana’s apparition of August 2, 2009 at the Blue Cross in Medjugorje. Keep in mind this is only one section of the mountain you are looking at. If you were down at the road, you would have seen the whole street filled looking both ways, as well as streams of people coming down the other path that leads up the Apparition Mountain.


Medjugorje Message August 2009

Mirjana this morning in Medjugorje during her apparition, August 2, 2009. The young girl beside Mirjana cried throughout the entire apparition, perhaps moved to tears in having the gift to be so near to her as to see every expression on her face as she peers into the loving eyes of the Virgin Mary. Mirjana, in seeing Our Lady, is also moved to tears.


Medjugorje August 2009

Just after the apparition, Mirjana greets some of the pilgrims around her as she readies to return to her home. In scripture, it is said of Our Lady that She pondered in Her heart the works, words and circumstances that surrounded Her Son. Mirjana has said that she must return to her room and be in prayer for several hours after every apparition to do just that, ponder the words, actions and love of Our Lady.


The Supernatural Miracle of the Dancing Sun is a grace that many have experienced in Medjugorje. Much has been said about this. See The Spinning Sun in the section "Signs and Miracles"

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