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For Immediate Release
March 21, 2019 A.D.

The audio book version of Big Q, Little Q: The Calm Before the Storm…, by a Friend of Medjugorje, is now available from Caritas! The audio book will be available soon on Amazon, iTunes and Audible. There are three options at this time:

1. 3 CD Set in a Polycase
2. MP3 CD
3. MP3 Download

Big Q, Little Q Audio Book 3 CD Set

3 CD Set in Polycase
Only $7.49
Order Now!

Big Q, Little Q Audio Book MP3 CD

MP3 CD in Paper Sleeve
Only $3.95
(Order in Bulk to give away for as little as $1.50 each!)
Order Now!

Big Q, Little Q Audio Book MP3 Download

MP3 Audio Download
Only $3.95
Available Now!

Again, the audio book will be available very soon on Amazon, Audible and the iTunes store. Continue to spread this to everyone you know, to all your family, friends, co-workers, mail lists and social media.
Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas

Jihane Allen
Okotoks, Select Province - Canada
Thank you for this book and for all the writings that you did and yet to come. You are Our lady pen and the community of caritas her ink , may Our Lady always protect you and the community under her mantle. J